Thursday, April 30, 2009

My dad looks like…

When I was a kid, and I watched Magnum P.I. I was sure they created the show after my dad. Hey, why not? My parents loved Hawaii, my dad was a cop, and Magnum looked like my dad. After I told Justin about this, he said he thought his dad looked like Chuck Norris. What do you think?

dad look alikes 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Big Kids

I just wanted to show off my cute kids, once again. They are getting SO BIG, talking, playing with each other, walking, learning new things everyday. They were actually playing WITH each other, and giggling. I just love to just sit and watch them. These videos  show a little of our everyday life. I treasure every moment with these babies! Life is so short, especially the childhood part. I just want to soak it all up!




 (If you can not view these videos, please let me know. I use Soapbox through MSN, and am wondering how many people can actually view it. I won’t keep using this program if no one can watch. Thanks! Oh and this post took me 11 hrs to complete. I didn’t help that I uploaded the same video twice and had to delete it and start the last one all over. gee wiz!)


FYI: going outside through the dog door is now a “no no” even though it cracks me up seeing there little tushies in the air, it’s just not safe having them think they are allowed to go out as they please. So these will probably be the last of the dog door adventures.  I can’t keep laughing and taking pictures.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mini Tea Party

I had a mini tea party tonight. I had invited about 6 people but only 2 could make it. That’s okay, because an intimate group is always the best for “tea”! Although, this was in no way a traditional tea party… we had “it’s Hip Hop Baby” playing in the background for my 1year old twins and my 2 year old niece. We had kids crying in high chairs and all the other “mommy” things to do. But we did enjoy some LDT chocolate chip scones and LDT tea. I made 2 different ice teas and then we ended with “Blueberry Bang” for our hot sip of tea. It was a nice evening with friends!

(I also had mini cinnamon rolls from Costco and I made a yummy cream cheese frosting… it was great on the scones too!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Win a free tin of Let’s Do Tea gourmet tea!

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A Sip of Tea

MCj03871620000[1] Today I made some Ice tea… Wild Blackberry (black tea) and Angel Falls Mist (Herb & Fruit Blend) I gave some of the Herb and Fruit to the kids and Jeremiah LOVES it!! As I type this, he is drinking his sisters and has his in his other hand. He rarely drinks anything. I noticed he was getting dehydrated…this should do the trick. NOW, hold on a minute… I am sure some of you are saying “what??? you gave you baby tea???” No, this is an Herb and Fruit blend. It has no caffeine or tea for that matter. It consists of Hibiscus petals, rosehip, orange peel, apple bits, and a few other things. It is YUMMY! One of my favorite herb and fruit teas. Herb and Fruit blends are a great alternative for children, instead of the sugary drinks, plus it has great health benefits. Tea has a ton of health benefits! I am starting up my tea blog again, but just for information on tea and recipes and such. There is not much, but you can go ahead and take a look by clicking here.

Earth Day Blog Party


Earth Day Blog Party Lots of cool things going on this week at “The Greer 5” today she is hosting Mystic Wonders… looks pretty cool. Go take a look. Make sure you look on Friday, she is hosting Let’s Do Tea… and my give-a-way!

Happy Earth Day!


Wordless Wednesday

Okay, so I had a dream last night that when I

went in to get Jeremiah out of the crib, he was

as big as Uncle Tony. I cried and cried because I

want my “little baby” back. Here is a picture of

Uncle Tony and my “little baby” (you can barely

even see the baby)


DSC_1090 DSC_1083 for more Wordless Wednesdays go to JollyMom

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blood Basin Rd. Adventure

We decided to take a little 4X4 trip down Blood Basin Rd. in AZ and come out in 7Springs. However we only got 7miles down the road when Alexis puked all over her clothes, car seat, and then some. We did an emergency pull off and stripped her down and cleaned up as much as we could. We ate lunch then headed home. Since she had disgustified her clothes she went home in only a diaper. Once we pulled into our driveway the puke smell that had perfumed throughout the pathfinder was now masked by a poopy smell. Once Justin took Alexis out of her car seat I noticed it was now covered with another bodily secretion. YUCK! So anyway, that was our short and stinky adventure for the weekend. Here are the only pictures I was able to get, since we had to cut our trip short.

beebutt close upgrass mountain in distantIMG_2937IMG_2934

Monday, April 20, 2009

it’s Hip Hop Baby! Review & GIVE-A-WAY

"It's Hip Hop, Baby!" is a new children's DVD series for ages 2 to 6. These videos educate toddlers and preschoolers with fun child-friendly hip hop music. Children and even babies will want to move and groove and dance to the fun rhythms and beats in this educational DVD. There are several learning tools to help children of all ages and ethnic backgrounds learn key developmental concepts at an early age” (taken from website)


I was given the chance to preview Hip Hop baby myself, and I was surprised how my babies loved it.

My favorite aspect was the music! I have always loved music and know and understand what  a great tool it is for learning, children and adults alike. In Hip Hop baby, they use music to teach with songs such as “Hip Hop Simon Says” and “If you’re Happy and you Know It".” There are also songs with animal noises, numbers, and more.

Also, I valued the benefit of real pictures of animals and kids in the video. I do not want my children to sit in front of the TV day in and day out, especially as young as they are. However, Hip Hop Baby promotes learning and it my children were able to interact with it! (a funny note: when the movie was over the kids said “bye” and Alexis waved back to the kids…I had to laugh!)

Hip Hop Baby has generously given

me “Rocking Dance Party!” to give a

way to one lucky reader!

here’s the rules:

1. Go to Hip Hop Baby and watch a preview or read a review, then leave a comment on this post and tell me what you liked about it!

2. Make sure you leave an email address so I can contact you to let you know you are a winner!

(Even if you do not have an account you can enter. Just enter under anonymous…but make sure you leave your email address!!!)

Extra Entries

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2) Grab a button and put on your site (leave a comment saying you did)

Contest Ends @12:00NOON (Arizona Time) On  May 10th 2009! (Mother’s Day) Winner will be selected by

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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Yesterday Alexis took her 1st

unassisted steps!!! She was

standing up next to me then,

unexpectedly she turned around

with cell phone in hand (my cell

phone) and took 4 perfect steps to

Babu! (my dad). We were all so

excited, especially Babu!!

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Monday, April 13, 2009

More Doggy Door Adventures


Jeremiah has not gone back out the dog door

since last time. This I have been happy about.

This morning however, Alexis wanted to see how

she would do. She did much better. She got

all the way out and started to go play in the

yard. I had to lift the flap and tell her to come

back in… so she did.


IMG_2884 IMG_2885IMG_2894IMG_2890  

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This is why…

Why do I wait until nap time to do my chores?

This is why…

IMG_2855IMG_2863 IMG_2866 I pushed in the bottom rack so they wouldn’t play with the utensils. So this is what they did instead.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Had some fun today!

While the kids were napping I decided to play around with my my camera. I got my spiffy new digital Canon Rebel Xti camera for my birthday last year, but really have not used it other than “snapshots” of the kids. I have a ton of creative photographs that I took with my 35mm Canon Rebel G. Anyway, tell me what you think. Remember, I am still learning my new camera. It can do a lot more than my Old Fashion can, so I am not use to it. But I had fun!

diffrent perspectivetulip brightlighttulip

lookndown tulipbirdseye tulips


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not Walking!?!?!?

This morning as I was folding laundry and the

kids were playing.  I watched Jeremiah stand

up and walk across the room to me. He walked

perfectly! He did this numerous times within

the hour. He was choosing to walk instead of

crawl! Daddy and I were extremely excited, but

of course when I started to video him, he got all

silly and would not even stand. He has been

standing on his own for the past 2 months. This

video looks like he has no idea what he is doing.

(or he’s drunk)

However, it is still pretty cute. Hopefully I can

actually get a video of him walking. Maybe we’ll

go outside and get some photos!!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Need some good sandals!

This morning I was thinking about needing some cute and comphy sandals. Then I saw this give-a-way. On Jolly Mom they are giving away a gift card for some Crocs. Has anyone tired them before? Are they comfortable??

Wordless Wednesday


My brother in the middle @ 15years old.

My husband next to him @16years old.

This picture was WAY before we were a couple!!! (what babies!!)

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Watching you Like a Hawk

I have heard and used this saying before, but until today I did not fully understand it. This afternoon, Justin noticed a mess of feathers on our back porch when he went to investigate he found a hawk munching on a pigeon next to our back door. After his Sunday lunch buffet, Justin attempted to scare the hawk away. He wouldn’t leave. Our dog tried to scare him away, he wouldn’t leave. The dumb bird just stood his ground and fought back. So anyway, about the saying…. Since I had an opportunity to get close to a hawk, I took a ton of pictures. That bird would not take his eyes off of me. I was shocked on how intently he was watching me.eye on you 2

backoff it's minefeathers goingforaridewhatisthis hangon watchout young hawkWe called AZ game and fish… they  said it sounded like we have a young hawk on our hands and it hasn’t learned to fly yet. Therefore we will probably have this house guest in our yard for the next week or so. We should just let the mommy and daddy hawk provide for the baby until he learns to take care of himself.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Science Center

I was going to make this my first Fitness Friday, but I think I would need to actually exercise if I was going to blog about it… oops I guess I still don’t get it, because, umm… well I am blogging about it and am not about to get on that wii board and do any exercises!!


So, today I took the kids to the AZ Science Center for the 2nd time in one week. Today we saw a show in the planetarium called “starry skies” to my surprise the kidos loved it!! I put both babies down in a movie style chair and let them look up at the sky. Jeremiah was constantly going “oooh oooooh” He purses his lips way out and arches his head back… this he does only on occasion… when he is really amused! Alexis would point at everything she liked and would laugh, smile, and of course do her high pitch squeal. It was adorable watching them. I am so happy to be a stay at home mommy…. whatever that means, since I don’t remember a day I actually stayed at home. Hmmm, help me think of a new name for that… we SAHM need to come up with something super clever!!P3280011P3280001P3280014 P4020060 P4020059 If you look close in the 2nd picture, JB has the toy asparagus, He found it again today and had to play with it! Crazy kid!

Return Home

After the science center, I had to stop at Target to find a frame for my niece’s 2 year old picture. I also picked up some cheerios for the kids, and a small container for them to start munching on. They were so cute sitting in the one seater cart basket and ravenously grabbing and devouring the cheerios. The funniest part was JB trying to eat them out of sister’s hands. Oh, one more thing… before the cheerios, JB kept petting Lexi’s head, then hugging and kissing her. Once he would do that, Lexi would lean back and start laughing. I have just enjoyed my day with them so much… they make me so happy!!

Today’s Random Picture

(actually a video)

The kids were laughing so hard as daddy was sliding them around on the floor. But of course they didn’t when In decided to video of them.