Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blood Basin Rd. Adventure

We decided to take a little 4X4 trip down Blood Basin Rd. in AZ and come out in 7Springs. However we only got 7miles down the road when Alexis puked all over her clothes, car seat, and then some. We did an emergency pull off and stripped her down and cleaned up as much as we could. We ate lunch then headed home. Since she had disgustified her clothes she went home in only a diaper. Once we pulled into our driveway the puke smell that had perfumed throughout the pathfinder was now masked by a poopy smell. Once Justin took Alexis out of her car seat I noticed it was now covered with another bodily secretion. YUCK! So anyway, that was our short and stinky adventure for the weekend. Here are the only pictures I was able to get, since we had to cut our trip short.

beebutt close upgrass mountain in distantIMG_2937IMG_2934


Anonymous said...

SO MUCH FUN, so little time! Every party has a pooper they say! Nanu - *Grammy Bibi

Kim said...

Oh, I don't miss those days at all!

Melanie said...

pretty pics, icky situation! loves from Aunty!