Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random Acts of Cuteness..

Okay the adorable moments of the evening….

I talked to the kids about our event at church tomorrow, a memorial service for our "friends granddad" and mommy's friend's daddy. We talked about how people would be sad and crying, because they will miss him, but he is happy because he got to meet Jesus. Then Jeremiah said "I want to wear a tie, because I want to wear something special for the service. My friends will be sad."

As they were getting ready for bed, they found some money they wanted to add to their banks. I had previously told them, that when their banks were full they could take the money to the store and buy something. Tonight Alexis was so excited and repeated to me that when it's full she will get to buy stuff. Then she told me "When we go to the store, I want to buy pizza and cups for us with my money! So we can eat and get drinks" She wants to use her money to buy us pizza at Costco. The best part of this, is that I recall a story I have heard numerous times from my mother-in-law. She was so proud that her three year old son spent his birthday money buying pizza for the family. She was tickled that he marched himself up to the counter and paid for it, and that he was such a gentleman so young. It brought a tear to my eye, wishing I could call her and tell her that her granddaughter was following suit! (to top it off - the bank she is storing her money in, is from her Nana)

Jeremiah told me “When I get big and turn into daddy and I get lots of money. I will buy a wallet”

Here are a couple more cute moments from the past few days and weeks…

I told the kids that I missed "my babies" then Alexis said that if they were babies again I would be happy but daddy would be sad.

I asked the kids how the baby got in mommy's tummy and Lexi said "cus baby Ewan was in Melanie's tummy and so then you got baby in your tummy and then he comes out. So uhh… yeah that's how"

I told Alexis it was time for a bath, She looked at me with a huge smile and said "Oh thank you mom for my stuff in my bath. My skin feels so much better!" She is talking about the oatmeal I have been using. Makes me feel like I have done something right!

Jeremiah was getting his morning yogurt out of the refrigerator and was talking to us about what kind he was getting then he said "Uh daddy, I think I will get the green one instead of the strawberry this time" We were shocked that he used the word "instead" in the correct context.

My parents took the kids to McDonalds and Lexi got a panda and was petting it and said "I love you so much - why did you have to get so big?"

There are more moments… that I wish I could remember, I want to hold on to every moment. Makes me a little depressed to think that I can't and won't be able to remember all these moments that bring smiles, tears, and happiness to my life. But I try to just remember that the Lord gave this to me as a gift and enjoy it for today, and I hope and pray there will be many more gifts in the future for me to enjoy!

(No JOKE! As I was writing the last couple of sentences, Jeremiah came out of his room AGAIN, and then when I told him to go to his bed he asked me to go and cover him up AGAIN! I told him, no, and that he need to do it himself. He sat there and whined “Please” over and over. I wasn't frustrated, I didn't get mad, I was still in the moment of clinging to everything they do - then he yelled "PLEASE!" as HE SLAPPED ME!!! He is now in his bed crying for daddy. Maybe it's good we don't remember everything!)