Thursday, November 26, 2009

3 things I am most thankful for


Thinking about the upcoming holidays, I decided to contemplate on 3 things I was most thankful for. I have so much, so you think it would be easy... wrong, that's just the problem. I have been given so much,  and to narrow it down to three is tough. This month has been extremely hard, physically, emotionally, and financially, so that brings me to my first note of gratitude:

1)My Lord, dwelling in my life. Giving me hope and light when all seems dreary. He is there when no one else is, He is there when I am not. He is there when I call, He is there when I don't. He is there when I am upright and just, He is there when I fall and fail. He is there when I am humble and meek, He is there when I forget. He is there to shine is Light in my life, giving me a strength I can find no where else. He is my savior, confidante, and friend.

2)My family: husband and children.  I am still amazed that I have received the answer to my prayers. I was lucky enough to find someone to spend the rest of my life with, so young. He and I have been together since 19 & 20 yrs old. We have seen each other in good times and bad times. We have learned a few things we don't like about each other, and other things that make us love each other so much more. We have been at our best and at our worst. And even so, we are together and will always be. We make each other complete, and understand that no one can fill the place in our hearts. I am in awe that all my dreams came to fruition when my children were born. I remember so many "holidays" that I begged the Lord for children of my own to share them with. My children are a miracle, and I will never forget that! They light up my life, like no other can, I hope I can be a gift to them as they are to me.

3)My home. I am so grateful that I have a place to call my own. Not only do I have a roof over my head, but I have a home. A home that I can entertain guests if I choose, or a place I can just relax and retreat from the rest of the world. My home is not only a physical shelter, but an emotional and spiritual shelter. I can go here and dwell in peace and harmony. My home is extremely important to me, and I am so thankful I have been blessed with it.


Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you are thinking about all the blessings in your life!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Only the good

I am so tired, the past couple of weeks has been pretty much the hardest couple of weeks that I have had in a long time. I don't even want to go into it. So let's just watch the good and fun times!

This next video is hilarious, because moments after I took the video I let the kids watch it, and Alexis did everything the same. Down to chasing the dog out the door way again. It was so funny to watch it on video and in real life at the same time!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wake Up Call!?!?!

Here is what happened this morning from 2 different perspectives:j0303383

A Grandma's Perspective:

"I got my wake-up-phone call at 7:15AM this morning. This phone call was one that I actually got a kick out of. I actually found my self laughing out loud. So here is how the conversation went;

Becky: "Hello"

Caller: no answer

Becky: "Helllooo"

Caller: no answer

Becky: "Hellllloooo"

Caller: "hi' giggle, hi, giggle, hi, giggle, jibber-jabber-giggle, excitement scream, another hi, giggle, hi giggle, jibber-jabber scream, jibber-jabber, jibber-jabber- giggle hi, excited j0423840scream. This went on for maybe 5 minutes. I could hear Alexis talk like Holly used to  (sounding like real words but in a different language) without stopping,and then Jeremiah did the same. It was so funny I was laughing and talking to them, they would talk in their own language and throw in a hi here and there. Next I heard their mommy's groggy half asleep voice, "what are you doing?" give me my phone" Scream, scream, scream, scream.

Next, Holly got on the phone to tell me that the kids were in her closet with the phone. They somehow pushed the right button and got me, and the squealing woke her. But I thought it was a riot!! Then the kids told Grandma Bibi bye and they both said their bye and quit the screaming. I continued laughing for a while and then dozed back to sleep. I enjoyed my wake up call!"

  A Mother's Perspective:

Toddlers: Hi mama, Hi, Hi

Holly: mmmm, go back to bed, go play in your room, (eyes remained closed and back to sleep I go)

Toddlers: alke, doeohslkd, alidao, aodn, "Hi", ahdopoik, adoiadkls, "Hi"

Faint, but familiar voice: "Ha, ha, is your mommy there? Where is mommy?"

Toddlers: in the midst of laughing the word rambling continuedMCj04238380000[1]

Holly: (eyes 1/2 open, rolling out of bed, see's closet door open) What are you doing? Give me that phone! (fear sets in... who did they call?) GASP!

Toddlers: SCREAMING!!! (interpretation: why did you ruin our fun? we were talking to Bibi)

Then, as stated above, I found out it was my mom they called, thank goodness. I told them to say goodbye, luckily they obliged. Therefore, I got up before my alarm clock, because of that wonderful "wake up call

Monday, November 9, 2009

Toddler Beds

The kids have been in their toddler beds for about 2 weeks now. They are doing fantastic! The first night went great, the second and third not as good but from there it only got better. We are still experiencing toddlers crawling into our beds around 3am, 5am, and 6am, but all in all its been pretty good. Today at nap time they switched beds. (sort of)



Friday, November 6, 2009

What are they thinking??

This is the best interpretation I can come up with…

MCWB00773_0000[1]  dipping our  toothbrushes into the fish tank then putting it in our mouths makes mommy freak out

 MCWB00773_0000[1]  12 dirty diapers can fit into the toilet, before it overflows. Once the diapers swell with water, we can take the diapers out and throw them on the floor, then we can get the clean diapers and stick those in the toilet.

MCWB00773_0000[1]  When mommy asks “where did that come from?” point to my bottom, it always gets a laugh! (Alexis)

MCWB00773_0000[1]  Jeremiah: Hey Sissy, while I am in time out for turning on the bathtub water, you can sneak into daddy’s closet and play with his keys and get us some of his mints!

Alexis: Yeah, and then when I get into time out, you can turn the water back on!

Jeremiah: Great idea, we can do that over and over and over, until Mommy locks us in our room! Oh and don’t forget to sneak some of the mints into your diaper, so we can snack on them while mommy gets ready!

MCWB00773_0000[1]  If we stand on our chairs, we can unlock the back door!

MCWB00773_0000[1]  6am is a great time to wake up!

MCWB00773_0000[1]  I think I will climb up on the stool, then on to the counter and stuff as many candy corn into my mouth before mom notices. Then when she’s not looking, I’ll do it again. Once she moves the candy, I will just go into the pantry and help my self to the graham crackers. (Jeremiah)

MCWB00773_0000[1]  Mom keeps telling me she doesn’t understand, gee, I know the word, what is it? I need the word, it’s there, on the tip of my tongue…. “CANDY!” yummy, glad I remembered that word.

MCWB00773_0000[1]  Jeremiah: Do you need me to protect you sissy?

Alexis: no, get a way and go back to your bed.

Jeremiah: Okay, but once you fall asleep, I’m going to crawl back into your bed with you and sleep with you.

Alexis: fine, I will cuddle with you for awhile, but if you hog the bed, I will just go sleep in yours.

MCWB00773_0000[1]We love daddy, and he’s so much fun, but we really want mommy here, so, when mommy leaves let’s just do everything the same way we are with mommy, like throw our food, sneak out the doggy door, hide things in our diapers, pull the poop out of our diapers, cut the dog’s tail. Then daddy will tell mommy “I’m ready to go back to work!” It’s so funny, he says that every weekend!

This is for you honey:

New Words: “Where are you?”, car, candy, shower, magnum, chevy, Zach, Bibi, bed, love you, seat, boom, ouch