Monday, December 22, 2008

Bartlett Christmas

Bartlett Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with the Bartlett family this year on Dec. 20th. We had a wonderful night filled with food, games, presents, "The Velvet," babies, and laughter. It was the babies first Christmas, and they didn't really understand what was going on. Jeremiah enjoyed a new pair of socks and Alexis played with Aunty Jessica's lipstick. This was Kaia's 2nd Christmas, she did a little better than last year. But, after opening her 1st gift, she was satisfied and didn't want to play with anything else.

It was a very long weekend for the babies, with lots of commotion. Once everyone left Saturday afternoon to go shooting, I tried putting the babies down for a much needed nap. After some crying Alexis fell asleep, but brother was persistent, so I went back into his room to calm him down. Once he fell asleep, I covered him up and went over to sister's crib to cover her, but I noticed she had no legs. I looked closer and realized she had fallen asleep sitting up. I had to take a picture!

Zachery's birthday was also on the 20th. So he also got birthday gifts. I got him the game Mancala and made him a special blanket with material that he picked out. I guess the blanket was better suited for him as a cape. He tied it on and morphed into "The Velvet" He ran around the house all day calling himself by that name. Ahhh, 11years old and still the same goofy Zach, we all love!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Babies are crawling!

Well, I thought my tree would be safe this year, but I was wrong. The babies are officially mobile! They are getting into everything this morning. So now, I need to get serious on baby proofing. This video of Jeremiah is not very clear, but you can see him crawling. He also decideded to spit up twice for the camera. Lovely! (I did clean it up)

P.S. There favorite place to play is under my desk!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Here is a special video for Babu and Nana, so far away we thought you would like to see how fast these kidos are growing. Both babies really know how to move now, they are getting into everything. The funniest thing is that the do it together! Here is a video of Alexis crawling. I will try and get one of Jeremiah, soon!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is our first Thanksgiving as parents. We definetly have a lot to be thankful for. God has surly blessed us with our beautiful son and daughter. Our lives have been truly uplifted and I am so very Thankful for our family and our two precious children!

2688 and counting

We have changed 2688 diapers!! Today the babies are 8 months old, and we have changed almost THREE THOUSAND diapers, YIKES!! you may be wondering how I know this, well, when you have multiples you are encouraged to keep a log of all the intake and output. So I have religiously documented every wet and stinky diaper since birth. This morning, I took out my 243 pages of logs and counted every diaper, that brought me to.... ha, ha, had you going didn't I? I actually did think about doing a log, but nope, not me. Actually I just did some basic algebra and calculated a diaper change every 3 hours for the first 4 months (since we change every feeding) then the 2nd 4 months they have slept through the night so I did the same thing but only for 12 hours a day. Anyway, it is not an exact calculation but close enough. I am sure we are over my estimation due to the fact my babies love to make a poopy just minutes after a fresh diaper has been put on them. Ahhh, the joys of life!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Learning new things...

First of all, I am sitting at the desk, looking out the open window... and really enjoying it!! The weather has finally cooled off. My thermometer says it is 71*!

Last night, I sat at watched as my little girl worked her way from laying on her belly to the sitting position. I am just amazed everyday, at how a baby learns new things. It is so awesome how they mature at such a quick rate. I wish I could learn new things that quick still!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A funny moment...

Today when I went to check on the babies (playing in their room) I had to "lol out loud" (those of you who watch "monk" know the joke) anyway, It was so funny to see Jeremiah digging through his box of toys, while laying on his sister. I had to run and get my camera and take a couple of pictures and then a video!! They are just too cute!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


My sister called yesterday and I got to hear my niece say "Aunty" for the first time. It made me so happy.
She said it perfectly!
She and my nephew have brought such joy our lives!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


We are a little sad today. We had to put our dog down today. I have been crying all day (I'm such a girl) Justin and I got Dodge in July 2002. We had a lot of fun with him. He was such a cute puppy. Even though he was a dog, he did bring us joy, especially during those years of pain, while we were trying to have a baby. Pets can bring happiness to bleak moments, they are faithful friends. I am happy we had him in our life.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our California Adventure

San Diego Zoo

California Adventure

YIPEE!! We were able to take a little adventure to California this past weekend. I say adventure, because even though it was a trip, it was a little crazy. Justin had to go to California for work, so we decided to tag along with him. I ended up getting us a hotel on Coronado Island (where we went 7 years ago for our Honeymoon). The kids did great the car ride there except for the last hour... then they let us know they were done being in the car. The funny thing is they did the same thing on the way home. I guess 5 hours is all they can handle.

On our trip we spent a little time on the beach, went to Seaport Village, and the San Diego Zoo. It was a nice little get away.

Jeremiah also decided he wanted to crawl while we were there. He ended up crawling on his hands and knees 1/2 way across the room. Only he did it backwards. I tired to get it on video, but of course he wouldn't perform while we were trying to capture it.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! (will put some videos on in a day or two)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Alexis and growl talk

This past week...

For the last week, our nephew Zach has been staying with us. He was such a good helper, and the babies just loved him. He is almost 11years old, so yes, he sometimes caused things to be a bit more hectic, but we loved having him here!! You already saw the pictures of the baby in a box, which was his doing, but here are a couple more funny pictures thanks to Zach.

Poor little Jeremiah had surgery on Thursday, Oct.30th. He did very well though. The doctor said the 1st and 2nd day will be very hard and by the 3rd day we will start to see a change for the better. However, the morning of the 2nd day Jeremiah woke up with a smile! He was back to his happy self. He is still in pain and but managing very well! (P.S. once again, he was the hit of the hospital...all the nurses and doctors just loved him. People were coming over just to see the "sweet little baby")
The babies started eating in their highchairs this week. They are finally tall enough to fit, and yet they are still so small!

On Saturday, I had my first "Tea Tasting" party with Let's Do Tea. It was really nice and fun. Not a whole lot of people showed up, but there were enough to make it a very enjoyable time. We had lots of food and LOTS of tea to taste. I plan on doing this at least 2 times a year. We have 2 more parties planned. A mother/daughter tea and a valentines day chocolate lovers tea. Both should be really fun!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby in a Box!

Cousin Zach decided to put Jeremiah in a box. Before I told him to get him out, I had to take a picture! (afterwards, Zach put Alexis in the box and left her and she tipped over, now she has a bump on her head, poor baby!)

Watching Daddy play softball!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playing In Room


The last 2 weeks have been just chaotic. We've been going non stop. I have been writing notes in various places, so I could remember all the things I needed to journal. So here it goes...
September 27th: Justin surprised me with a special date. We went to a restaurant down town, that we have never been to. I can't remember the name, but it had "Arizona" type food. We sat outside on the patio, next to the trees and water features. Next, we went to "Blackbeard" a musical at the Herberger Theater. It was about Blackbeard the pirate. Nar! It was a wonderful treat to go out with my honey. I wish I could say it was ALL wonderful, but later that night I woke up around 2 am with severe pain. We ended up going to the ER and found out I needed my gallbladder removed.

October 5th: We had to be at the hospital at 7am, for a 9am surgery. All went pretty well. Justin took a couple days off or work during the next week while I was supposed to be healing. However, things got a little more crazy when Jeremiah woke up screaming at 11pm, when Justin brought him out of the room, we realized he had a fever. his fever got to 103, and we could not get it to break. We gave him Tylenol, cold juice, etc. Finally at 8pm, Justin got in the bathtub with him, in cool water. It was cute and sad... you could see how he was slowly feeling better. For the 1st time that day he played with a toy. You can see in his face, how bad he was feeling. I decided to put Alexis in the tub with them. She just loved it. There was plenty of water in there, so she was "swimming around."

October 9th: I had to visit my primary care doctor, on a follow-up for something non related to the surgery. However, I ended up passing out in the room, so she called an ambulance to take me across the street to the hospital. (only cost $703 - TO GO ACROSS THE STREET) Anyway, they did a bunch of tests and said I was fine. I was not too excited about spending yet another day in the hospital.

October 16th: Babies had their 6mo appointment - Shots and all! Jeremiah weighed in at 15.1 lbs and Alexis 13.2 lbs. Jeremiah is 27" and Alexis 25". The doctor did however reccommend that I read "The Strong Willed Child" because of Alexis. She still throws a huge fit, when she is done with food. She wants to be in control. She also steal EVERYTHING, from her brother. She even threw a fit when she tried stealing his ear, and couldn't get it.

October 18th: Drove to Anthem for pictures, then we were going to go to a pumpkin patch. However plans changed so we went to the outlet mall. We didn't stay long because I realized I forgot the babies bottles.

October 20th: We waited in the waiting room for my surgery follow up appointment for ONE HOUR and 10 MINUTES! The doctor only took 45seconds to see me. I was so annoyed, and so were the babies!

October 21st: I had my 1st tea party. It went really well, and fun. I hope I am able to do more. I just need to find people do to some.

This may not seem like a lot, but it sure felt like it. Let's not forget, every Thursday we went to my parents for dinner. Sunday was church, and of course all the routine things like grocery shopping and stuff.

It's been exciting watching the kidos this month though. Both babies have started sitting up really well. Jeremiah a little better than his sister, but she is doing better at reaching for things and squirming around. She moves around so much, it's amazing. I am sure she will be crawling soon. She did however get herself stuck under the couch a few times! :)

They are both communicating so well and interacting with me and each other a lot more. One morning Jeremiah was laying with me in bed and was talking to me. He repeated this phrase over and over ", adya,adya" Not sure what it means, but he seemed to. He says "ba" the most. He surprised me the other day when he was playing with my hand. With his right hand he held my hand by my pinkie. Then with his left hand he was touching his fingers to my fingers. He touched his pointer finger to my finger, his middle finger to my middle finger, his index finger to my index finger, and then... his thumb to my thumb. I was shocked that he would do something like that. It was pretty cute.

Thought these pictures were funny: