Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Staycation

We had the opportunity to go to Cibola Vista Resort for free for three days. The kids thought our resort room was our “new house” and were very upset when we left to go to dinner.PA170123 PA170130 PA170128 PA170127

During our little Staycation, we went to Cave Creek Museum (also free with Cultural pass from library),


Alexis was excited over this display and said “mommy look, a princess table” Apparently, pioneer women looked like princesses.


This is the flag when Arizona became the 48th state.


Watched a family movie while munching on cookies and milk.PA170143PA170139PA170137

Spent some time in the pool…Yes, swimming in October, sounds crazy huh?


Went to a free lunch,


Went for a walk and visited the local horses,

PA180227 PA180230PA180243PA180248PA180247

More pool,


Spent some time being silly,


Free pony rides for the kids,

 Picture 004Picture 006Picture 007Picture 008Picture 015Picture 024Picture 029

Lastly, on our way home we were supposed to enjoy a free breakfast, but sadly they didn’t open when we thought, and we had to leave before we could. All in all, it was a nice little break from reality. Once we get into a new house, we are hoping on going on another mini trip, hopefully by a beach!