Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I ROCK!?!?!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

18 Months

The results of today’s Dr. appt:

Alexis - -  32 1/2 inches tall (75%), 25lbs (61%)

Jeremiah - -  31 1/4 inches tall (21%), 22lbs (7%)

Guess JB is still the runt of the litter! 


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stop Eating the Wall!!!

This past week has been so hectic. Justin worked between 14-18 hours a day, so we didn’t see him except 5 minutes on Thursday. I have been running around getting food bought and prepared for program committee picnic, went to Daddy’s softball game,  I did a weeks worth of homework (suppose to be doing more now), cleaned house, kids did their first finger painting, I painted the wall (needs repainted again), planted 5 plants, visited with my parents, went out to lunch for my grandmothers 85th birthday, went to the dentist, went to the science center, and the list goes on. I have had PLENTY of things worthy of posting, but couldn’t find the time. Therefore, here is another post pieced together with a little of this and a little of that…

My kids are getting bigger, sitting in the big kid grocery seats0925091038 0925091038a

- Alexis has been running around the arms out, chasing her brother saying “I get you, I get you” SO cute, then when she does get him, she tackles him and they both laugh. She keeps running up to him and giving him hugs and kisses and proceeds to tackle him and just lay on him laughing, he likes it for a little while, but then gets frustrated and starts to cry. She doesn’t understand yet, why he doesn’t like it.

-First finger-painting experience. They loved it, but of course, like everything we do, it ended with tears, because cousin Zach wouldn’t let Alexis eat the purple paint.P9230001 P9230005 P9230003  P9230002 P9230008P9230007

- Alexis has been climbing on the back of the couch so she can chew on my wall; peeling off the paint. Now, she has learned to climb over to get what is on the other side, like candles, dirty dishes, soap dispenser, or what ever else her little hands can grab.0730091043

-Scary moment with JB… I started unloading the dishwasher, and like a good mommy I took out the silverware first so they wouldn’t grab it. As soon as I turned away, I heard the swoosh and fling of metal. I looked down and Jeremiah was running away waving the butcher knife above his head. (knife was on top shelf of dishwasher). I started to walk towards him, slowly and quietly not to alarm him. But he went faster and looked as though he was going to fall. All of a sudden I spouted out “Jeremiah Brian you STOP!” in the loudest, toughest, scariest, Mom voice ever heard. He froze, then turned around, and pointed the knife straight at me (trying to give it back). He proceeded to run towards me. It was difficult but I managed to get it out of his hands before either of us was killed.

-We went to the Members Only Preview of the Robots Exhibit. It costs an extra $2 normally to go see this. If you are wondering if you should pay the extra, I would not recommend it. I’m glad we got in free.P9250009 P9250016 P9250012

- Program committee picture day for Thanksgiving Program. I think everyone had fun… at least I hope they did! 0925091649

As you can see, I made LOTS of Mac and Cheese!!!!!0925091720a 0925091716a IMG_3744 IMG_3741IMG_3921IMG_3920  

All in all, it was a hectic, but a darn good week!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Random thought and pictures

Lots of things happening, but not a lot of time to journal it. However, I don’t want to forget, so here it goes:

-Jeremiah says “Babu” all the time now! This past week their vocabulary has just blossomed. Alexis is even starting to put two words together. She likes to narrate what ever is going on at the time. If JB is throwing a fit, she will tell me all about it. If daddy tells them to stop doing something, she will reiterate it to me. If she gets hurt or thinks something is funny she will not only tell me about it, she will reenact it.

-We had the kids apart for a couple of hours on Sunday, when they were reunited, it was like they had been apart since birth. Hugs, kisses, and giggles. It was cute!

-They sat in the cart as we were grocery shopping, and decided to help themselves to a cucumber or two. They devoured them!


-My mom made angel food cake for desert. JB loved it and kept asking for more. I’m not sure what Alexis thought of it. She savored her piece, by taking itty bitty pieces. When I say itty bitty I mean smaller than the crumbs that fall when I eat. She would pick a tiny piece and eat it, if we would ask for some, she would gladly share. I couldn’t even taste the piece she gave me. (the video shows a some large bites)


Making a MESS, is what we do BEST! P9200063 P9200061P9200062 P9200058  My little pumpkin!P9190056

The Many Hats of Jeremiah

JB just loves hats… I decided to put this collection together, because he is so darn cute! The pictures are chronological in reverse order!

P9180042 P9180049 P91800500911091644 SSL24848 P8060009 P8060034 P8060015 


1027080913a0920081625a  0603082210   baseball hat jeremiah

   this is actually one of those hat ice-cream cups from a baseball game!IMG_0156


Decided to share a couple of cute ones of Alexis too!P9060006lexi rose Lexi Rose 9wks alexis 1 week IMG_0068