Saturday, February 20, 2010


As of this moment in time, my kids are very polite. They say thank you for everything! Not only that, but they repeat it over and over and over and over. “Da do mommy, da do daddy, a mommy da do, da do mommy, da do daddy….” That’s what I get every morning after they are served breakfast from each child. It makes Justin and I laugh. However this morning, he decided to join in and thank me 199 times as well.


I had all my clothes laid out and was attempting to get dressed, when Alexis decided to grab my pants and hand them to me. I told her thank you and she responded with a chorus of “da do” as to say she was welcome. Jeremiah witnessed this unfold and proceeded to tell me thank you as well. Alexis calmly turned to him, slightly leaned her head in front of his face, but her hand on his shoulder and sweetly but very matter of the fact said. “no sissy, no da do” 

HA HA HA, I cracked up, little miss bossy was telling her brother not to thank me, because she was the one who helped me. Not him. She was very kind about it though. I guess it wasn’t bossiness, (this time) she was helping him understand.

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I was laying in my bed, cuddling with Jeremiah. Alexis was also in my room, but I’m not sure what she was doing, probably walking around in my shoes. My nose started to run, so I asked her to get me a tissue." “K” she responded and ran to the box. Daddy was there and handed her a tissue to take to me. She did a great job and brought it to me, this time without wiping her own nose. BONUS! I told her thank you, she told me “da do” back and then ran to daddy and told him “da do” This happens so often that Justin responded the typical way and told her “your welcome” She looked up at him and said “no daddy, a mommy da do” She wanted to make sure daddy knew mommy was thankful!

indian baby

Babu brought this outfit back from India

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

“Mommy, a boon sissy ee ee ah”

Interpretation: Mommy, brother’s balloon is a monkey!

It’s been a while since I have been on here, many things have been going on, lots of changes too. The kids just amaze me now days in how much they understand, say, and do. As you can see from above, Alexis is still a little confused. She calls her brother “sissy” When you ask her where brother is, she points to him, so she knows the right word, she just refuses to use anything buy “sissy” Oh well, she’ll catch on soon, I hope!

In January, Alexis bit a whole through her lip and chin, which caused her to get three stitches. It was one of the worst things I had to go through yet, as a mother. My kids have been poked a lot, Jeremiah has even had 2 surgeries, but watching my little girl look up at me in total fear, was the most difficult thing. Knowing, I was putting her through pain, knowing that she knew I could stop it, but wasn’t. It was just hard. Thankfully, she didn’t seem to remember anything, even later that night we asked her where her boo boo was and she pointed to her scab on her ankle.

The day before my birthday we went to the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium, it was a nice day!


They are growing up so quick, these photos prove it… they are already addicted to their cell phones.

alexis 22moCIMG3210 CIMG3213  CIMG3215 CIMG3217 CIMG3216 CIMG3218 CIMG3219 CIMG3231

Their vocabulary is so large now, I can’t post every word, but here are some that make me laugh or surprised me that they knew.

Blanket/ Blankie = kiwi

Sun glasses or Jacket = socky

Cup = cup

Book = cup

Motorcycle/Bicycle = JB-Cycle, Alexis – bike

Monkey = eee eee ah ah oh uh

Cow = moo

French Fry, flash light, fire and flower = flow fly

Rocking Chair, Cookie, Cracker = ca ca

Aunt Jessica = Andy Ca Ca (JB only)

Magnum = Puppy

Chevy = Chev

Dog = foof (woof sound)

Brother = sissy (Alexis only)

Sister = sissy (JB only)

Brush (brushing teeth) = frush

Thank you = Da du

I need = I knee I knee I knee

some more random words we hear a lot of: ball, covers, go bye bye, babu, bibi, no no, bite, night night, socks, shoes, Zach, kaia, aunty, uncle,eat, snack, hat, eat, snack, turtle