Thursday, April 29, 2010

What is going on??

So the past couple of weeks have been on the verge of insanity. Nothing too terrible or hard, just crazy. Therefore, I have not had a moment to catch my breath, clean my house, and certainly no time to blog. I decided to find a couple minutes while the kids are napping to post a few of my favorite things that happened the past couple of weeks.

Last week, Justin went on a work trip to Florida,


While Justin was having a tough week on the beach I was at home relaxing… oh wait, I think I got my sentences a little mixed up there.

During the week I did have a small tea party. Some of the friends I invited, brought their children so I tired to make it special for them as well.



1st Course: Hot tea & baked Brie and crackers

2nd course: Green salad and cheese scones image

3rd Course: Ham, broccoli and cheese quiche

4th Course: Vanilla and raspberry scones with chocolate banana spread, Devonshire cream, and lemon curd.

(all homemade… it was fun!)


Personal pepperoni pizza (homemade of course)

Celery topped with peanut butter and craisins

Broccoli and ranch dip 

Cold strawberry S’mores

2Year Old Wajukuu 013

2Year Old Wajukuu 020 

Random Acts of Cuteness:

MCWB00773_0000[1]Jeremiah found a black block in his closet, picked it up and showed it to me and called it a phone. I told him it was a “block” he then went around the house pointing to everything “black” I went with it, and encouraged him. Lucky for me those two words sound close.

MCWB00773_0000[1]“Owie mommy toe” I hear behind me. I look over and Jeremiah has his foot on the table. Then I watch as Alexis kisses it. She then exclaims with pure delight, “mommy, miah owie toe *kiss sound*”

MCWB00773_0000[1]While Justin was gone, the kids got even more excited to see airplanes in the sky. Because they knew daddy went on an airplane. One day I hear Jeremiah shout “mommy mommy why why” Alexis then shouts “mommy amy” While Jeremiah is continuously shouting “mommy why why” Alexis then very matter of fact says “no sissy, no why why, amy!” This still make me laugh because Alexis was adamantly telling her brother he had the wrong word for airplane, even though she keeps calling him “sissy”

MCWB00773_0000[1]One morning I had the kids come lay in bed with me. Alexis eventually crawled out, went into my bathroom, put the kid toilet seat on the toilet, scooted the step stool over, and went potty. Then she flushed, pushed the step stool over to sink, washed her hands, and crawled back into bed. She then whispered in my ear. “mommy, go potty a la toilet”

MCWB00773_0000[1]Our puppy chews almost anything he can get a hold of. I think its cute when the kids notice something else he ruined, like this morning when Jeremiah told me “mommy, puppy, no no, pen”

MCWB00773_0000[1]I met my family at Claim Jumper for happy hour the other day, and the first thing my 3year old niece did was run up and give me a kiss. Then my SIL told me that Kaia said “I give my aunty a kiss so she feels better” I am not sure why she thought of that, but I did have a headache and a kiss from my adorable niece was certainty needed!


Last bit of news: I took Alexis to an Allergy Specialist and it was determined that she is highly allergic to dogs and cats and severely allergic to peanuts. I am so thankful the other things they tested for such as wheat, eggs, soy, and milk came back negative. They also tested for a few outside allergens as well, those too were negative. We are in the process of trying to find our dogs a new home or possibly getting them adjusted to being “outside dogs.” If we do the outside thing we need to make sure they have a dog house of some sort. Justin is fine with getting rid of them, since it would mean less money and a nicer yard.

(random acts of cuteness title was stolen – hope you don’t mind Alesha!:)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just the Girls and Boys Only

Uncle Tony, Justin, and Jeremiah spent the day together at Chase Fields for The Arizona Diamond Backs opening game!




Jeremiah had so much fun… he slept during the first three innings.

DSC00106 DSC00107

Uncle Tony caught a fly ball!


Since the boys were having fun us girls needed to do something special, so Aunt Laura, Alexis and myself went to Kimberly Ann’s Tea Room & Cafe.


We sat in the princess room!


Alexis ended up getting sick, so she would not eat anything, but she did enjoy “tea”0405101248 0405101248a   0405101253

We love Glasses!



Saturday, April 3, 2010


My heart is so full of thanksgiving and praise as I sit to write these words. I have so many emotions, yet can not find the words to interpret them. Please bear with me as I try and explain the circumstances and the great blessings and lessons of the day.

This morning, I lay in bed and hear my husband ask my daughter what is on her shirt, then excitedly he asks if she drank all the Tylenol. I fly out of bed, run into the room and see an empty bottle of children’s liquid Tylenol (lid back on) on the floor. I immediately call poison control. The informed me, what I already knew… she had too much and needs to go to ER. I asked if I should go to the Children’s hospital about 20 minutes away or the ER up the street about 5minutes away. He matter of fact told me “the one five minutes away.” I threw on some shoes and took her.

They saw Alexis immediately, quicker than if I went by ambulance. This was blessing #1 & #2 – it was a blessing because they didn’t waste any time and I didn’t have time to think or worry. On the outside I seemed very collected. On the inside I was a mess. Within a few minutes they had an IV started and blood drawn. It only took them two tries to get the IV going… Blessing #3 !

IMG00061-20100403-1201 IMG00062-20100403-1201

The doctor then informed me, that this blood test was to check the Tylenol levels. He said it really didn’t matter what the numbers were now, it was just a baseline. He proceeded to tell me “I don’t want to scare you, BUT, Tylenol is the worst medication to overdose on” He explained why and told me that they would check her levels in 4 hours. At that point they will know what step to take. We would either get to go home or stay she would be admitted for at least 3 days to receive the anecdote. He thanked me for coming in, because it is a very serious matter and if gone untreated it would kill her. Her levels now were at 22 – severe toxicity is 150. In four hours it will shoot up.

Once I received all the news I finally had a moment to digest what was happening. I then called Justin and told him, called my parents and then proceeded to send out TEXT messages to ask for prayers. I knew I needed help with this burden. I knew that people here in Phoenix and Independence were meeting together in prayer and I KNEW there is POWER in PRAYER! Immediately I received text messages from various family and friends, I was encouraged and uplifted; my heart was calm. I no longer felt “a mess” however, my outside looked it now… I looked like I just rolled out of bed – because I did!

I started thinking about all the prayers being offered for myself and my daughter, then I realized… I had forgotten to pray. I already felt like a terrible mother because my two year old managed to get into a child proof container of medicine, but now I felt such a burden of sorrow. I was so quick to ask others to pray, but I didn’t do my part. Not only was I now a bad mother but a terrible servant of Christ. I bowed my head, asked for forgiveness and then asked my Lord to bless my child. I remembered my promise to Him… that these children  He blessed me with are not mine but His and I will trust Him with their lives. At that moment I received another text message from a brother telling me “…Feel the Lord wants me to tell you to take courage for we have a mighty God.” This was blessing #4 and lesson #1 – Yes, mistakes happen. Physical and spiritual mistakes, but stay true to God, be strong in Him and He will see you through.

 0403101005a  0403101006 0403101006a 

While we waited for the time to pass. Alexis was visited by a service dog. She was excited to see the dog but did not want to touch him. Me either, he was a pug and I think they are uuuugggggly! She also had a popsicle, watched cartoons and played  with mommy. During this time, I saw a change in her. She started getting really weird. It was almost funny. She was acting like a drunk toddler. Toddlers are already a little goofy but this was beyond goofy, she was licking the TV monitor, trying to wrap her tongue around my fingers, she was eating her snacks very strangely by sticking her head in the bowl and trying to lick them out. IT was JUST WIERD… I was pretty convinced they were going to come back and tell me she was high as a kite and we would be staying the weekend with them.

Five hours in the ER has passed… my heart was still at ease and even though I was pretty sure we would be staying I was at peace. I knew God would take care of her. The doctor came back in. He informed us that her levels dropped to 12! We get to go home! Once he left the room, Alexis, Jeremiah, Justin and I bowed our heads and thanked the Lord for his blessings. As I said “amen” Alexis shouted “AMEN… go bye bye” I didn’t tell her that we got to go home yet, but she knew.

I feel so humbled to have the opportunity and ability to have people I can go to in a time of trial and tribulation. I can depend on those people to help me carry the burden and ask God to take it away. Again, thank you for all those who offered prayers. And thank you to those who thanked the Lord on our behalf as well. But most of all I thank our wonderful, merciful, and loving Lord who saw our needs and blessed my little girl. He gave me many blessings today, and taught me a few lessons. I am grateful!

On our short drive home, Alexis fell asleep. When she woke up she saw the empty bottle of Tylenol on my counter. She looked up, pointed and yelled “NO! NO!” Let’s hope she never forgets the lesson she learned today!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bribery works!

I have succumbed to bribery with my children. This time my bribe worked better than I can imagine and it was adorable! Here’s what happened..

Mommy: “Okay kidos here’s your lunch. Hope you eat because I got you a treat.” (I knew they didn’t understand, which is good. Didn’t want to use my bribe just yet)

Alexis: “ahhh done, mommy” while pushing bowl away.(After eating aprox. 5 bites)

Mommy: “You need to eat more”

Alexis: “ahhh done, mommy, no mo”

JB: “ahh done”

Mommy: “Mommy got you donughts, if you eat all your lunch you can have one. But you have to eat ALL your lunch”

Alexis: “OKAY!!!” Hastily grabs bowl back and inhales her food.

Alexis: “ahh done, mommy, a dony”

JB: “ahh done, mommy, a dony, a dony, a dony”

Mommy: “Good Job Alexis, but you need to wait until mommy and daddy finish eating”

Alexis: “ok”

Daddy: “No, Jeremiah, you do not get a doughnut unless you eat all your food”

JB: “a dony, a dony, a dony”

Mommy and Daddy: “you need to eat all your food!”

As mommy and daddy took their last bites of food…

Alexis: “A dony, YAY!, Mommy ahh done, Daddy ahhh done”

Mommy: “Almost, but let’s Jeremiah finish his food”

Alexis: “ okay…….” Then she grabs his bowl picks up a fork full and feeds it to her brother while saying “a Miah, ahh done, a dony” She scoops another fork full and feeds it to him, and then another. Puts the bowl down and looks at me and says “a miah , ahh done, mommy. dony??”image

They got their doughnuts!