Thursday, April 29, 2010

What is going on??

So the past couple of weeks have been on the verge of insanity. Nothing too terrible or hard, just crazy. Therefore, I have not had a moment to catch my breath, clean my house, and certainly no time to blog. I decided to find a couple minutes while the kids are napping to post a few of my favorite things that happened the past couple of weeks.

Last week, Justin went on a work trip to Florida,


While Justin was having a tough week on the beach I was at home relaxing… oh wait, I think I got my sentences a little mixed up there.

During the week I did have a small tea party. Some of the friends I invited, brought their children so I tired to make it special for them as well.



1st Course: Hot tea & baked Brie and crackers

2nd course: Green salad and cheese scones image

3rd Course: Ham, broccoli and cheese quiche

4th Course: Vanilla and raspberry scones with chocolate banana spread, Devonshire cream, and lemon curd.

(all homemade… it was fun!)


Personal pepperoni pizza (homemade of course)

Celery topped with peanut butter and craisins

Broccoli and ranch dip 

Cold strawberry S’mores

2Year Old Wajukuu 013

2Year Old Wajukuu 020 

Random Acts of Cuteness:

MCWB00773_0000[1]Jeremiah found a black block in his closet, picked it up and showed it to me and called it a phone. I told him it was a “block” he then went around the house pointing to everything “black” I went with it, and encouraged him. Lucky for me those two words sound close.

MCWB00773_0000[1]“Owie mommy toe” I hear behind me. I look over and Jeremiah has his foot on the table. Then I watch as Alexis kisses it. She then exclaims with pure delight, “mommy, miah owie toe *kiss sound*”

MCWB00773_0000[1]While Justin was gone, the kids got even more excited to see airplanes in the sky. Because they knew daddy went on an airplane. One day I hear Jeremiah shout “mommy mommy why why” Alexis then shouts “mommy amy” While Jeremiah is continuously shouting “mommy why why” Alexis then very matter of fact says “no sissy, no why why, amy!” This still make me laugh because Alexis was adamantly telling her brother he had the wrong word for airplane, even though she keeps calling him “sissy”

MCWB00773_0000[1]One morning I had the kids come lay in bed with me. Alexis eventually crawled out, went into my bathroom, put the kid toilet seat on the toilet, scooted the step stool over, and went potty. Then she flushed, pushed the step stool over to sink, washed her hands, and crawled back into bed. She then whispered in my ear. “mommy, go potty a la toilet”

MCWB00773_0000[1]Our puppy chews almost anything he can get a hold of. I think its cute when the kids notice something else he ruined, like this morning when Jeremiah told me “mommy, puppy, no no, pen”

MCWB00773_0000[1]I met my family at Claim Jumper for happy hour the other day, and the first thing my 3year old niece did was run up and give me a kiss. Then my SIL told me that Kaia said “I give my aunty a kiss so she feels better” I am not sure why she thought of that, but I did have a headache and a kiss from my adorable niece was certainty needed!


Last bit of news: I took Alexis to an Allergy Specialist and it was determined that she is highly allergic to dogs and cats and severely allergic to peanuts. I am so thankful the other things they tested for such as wheat, eggs, soy, and milk came back negative. They also tested for a few outside allergens as well, those too were negative. We are in the process of trying to find our dogs a new home or possibly getting them adjusted to being “outside dogs.” If we do the outside thing we need to make sure they have a dog house of some sort. Justin is fine with getting rid of them, since it would mean less money and a nicer yard.

(random acts of cuteness title was stolen – hope you don’t mind Alesha!:)


Manon said...

Too bad about your doggies. But good to know about Alexis' allergies. They can be so miserable. Did you make all the tea goodies? Sounds like a lot of fun. I love that kind of stuff. Nobody does teas around here. It's an Arizona thing. I find that intriguing - a wild west, gun-totin'state that specializes in tea houses and little dainties. I like it!

eastonsmom said...

We all had fun at the tea party, and the kids did too! Good times. Good luck finding a home for the dogs...I know that will be hard.

Melanie said...

you've certainly been busy! I think the shark pic is great! :) I love how Lexie did all the potty and step stool business all on her own. She's getting so independent!

mamabecky said...

Holly, I am real sorry about the dogs. So glad I was home the extra days to attend your tea, it was very nice and you were a perfect hostess. What a good girl your little Lexi is!!! Miss you and Love you. Here is a W-A-V-E from Kenya!

GRAMEE said...

oh the cuteness of 3 year

our son made his dog an outside dog and when she is inside she has to be in one spot (kenneled)
they have to keep things vacuumed really well and the kids (granddaughter mostly) suffer still but they are willing to make a little concession to keep the dog.

the tea party looks great!!
you must be quite the cook!
i love to cook!!