Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bribery works!

I have succumbed to bribery with my children. This time my bribe worked better than I can imagine and it was adorable! Here’s what happened..

Mommy: “Okay kidos here’s your lunch. Hope you eat because I got you a treat.” (I knew they didn’t understand, which is good. Didn’t want to use my bribe just yet)

Alexis: “ahhh done, mommy” while pushing bowl away.(After eating aprox. 5 bites)

Mommy: “You need to eat more”

Alexis: “ahhh done, mommy, no mo”

JB: “ahh done”

Mommy: “Mommy got you donughts, if you eat all your lunch you can have one. But you have to eat ALL your lunch”

Alexis: “OKAY!!!” Hastily grabs bowl back and inhales her food.

Alexis: “ahh done, mommy, a dony”

JB: “ahh done, mommy, a dony, a dony, a dony”

Mommy: “Good Job Alexis, but you need to wait until mommy and daddy finish eating”

Alexis: “ok”

Daddy: “No, Jeremiah, you do not get a doughnut unless you eat all your food”

JB: “a dony, a dony, a dony”

Mommy and Daddy: “you need to eat all your food!”

As mommy and daddy took their last bites of food…

Alexis: “A dony, YAY!, Mommy ahh done, Daddy ahhh done”

Mommy: “Almost, but let’s Jeremiah finish his food”

Alexis: “ okay…….” Then she grabs his bowl picks up a fork full and feeds it to her brother while saying “a Miah, ahh done, a dony” She scoops another fork full and feeds it to him, and then another. Puts the bowl down and looks at me and says “a miah , ahh done, mommy. dony??”image

They got their doughnuts!


The Jacobsen Family! said...

Gotta love bribery! Brooke likes to feed Erik too! LOL! It's the mommy in them! =) Too cute!

Melanie said...

that was cute! I love how she thinks

eastonsmom said...

That girl is going to grow up to be a cop...she already loves her donuts :)

mamabecky said...

Will Work for donuts... Gotta love this story.