Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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Friday, September 30, 2011

California “Flamily” Vacation


California 2011

We spent a wonderful week in California! We went to Seaport Village, Sea World, San Diego Natural History Museum, the beach, and spent some time with friends. It was full of wonderful memories. I am making a photo book for the kids with all the behind the scene stories, here are just the pictures…

Seaport Village

(at 9pm – hence the wide eyed and giddy expressions)

DSC00198DSC00203 DSC00204DSC00207 DSC00209 DSC00213DSC00214 DSC00217DSC00218 DSC00220DSC00222DSC00223 DSC00224

Sea World

IMG_7442 IMG_7446 dolphin up closeIMG_7455    IMG_7485IMG_7498 IMG_7496 IMG_7492  IMG_7493DSC00230 IMG_7482IMG_7459IMG_7460 IMG_7457 IMG_7481IMG_7478IMG_7479 IMG_7502IMG_7509DSC00314DSC00317 IMG_7519IMG_7523IMG_7526  IMG_7522 IMG_7516 IMG_7514  IMG_7512   IMG_7533IMG_7541IMG_7542

IMG_7545IMG_7570IMG_7571 IMG_7580IMG_7599 IMG_7597 IMG_7609IMG_7611IMG_7625IMG_7630 IMG_7653  IMG_7663IMG_7668IMG_7675 IMG_7684 IMG_7697  DSC00338 DSC00345DSC00333  DSC00320DSC00328 DSC00323 DSC00321 IMG_7702 IMG_7704 IMG_7705IMG_7713IMG_7718IMG_7721 IMG_7725 IMG_7728 IMG_7739    IMG_7741

The Beach

  IMG_7560IMG_7561 IMG_7568DSC00233DSC00242DSC00245 DSC00243 DSC00250 DSC00254DSC00256DSC00260  DSC00262DSC00261DSC00270 DSC00268       DSC00271DSC00272 DSC00275DSC00279 DSC00277  DSC00283DSC00306 DSC00301DSC00446DSC00448 DSC00451DSC00457 DSC00456 DSC00455DSC00459DSC00461DSC00462DSC00463 DSC00460 DSC00466DSC00480 DSC00468DSC00490DSC00528DSC00530 DSC00520DSC00525   DSC00533 DSC00536 DSC00505


IMG_7791IMG_7797IMG_7802DSC00544 DSC00546DSC00545

San Diego Natural History Museum

 DSC00439 DSC00440DSC00441DSC00436 DSC00438

DSC00361DSC00389 DSC00362DSC00366 DSC00371DSC00387 DSC00381DSC00391DSC00395 DSC00393 DSC00394 DSC00403 DSC00404 DSC00412DSC00413DSC00414DSC00415DSC00425 DSC00418DSC00419 DSC00421DSC00420DSC00423 DSC00422

  dinner out     

DSC00359 DSC00357