Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What an exciting day!

Today the babies turned 5 months old... yes that is neat, but Jeremiah decided he would make the day unforgettable.

I had him sitting on the floor and propped him on his boppy seat. He pulled himself up to a sitting position and stayed sitting on his own for about a minute.

About an hour later, he started screaming hysterically. Once I calmed him down and gave him his pacifier, I saw his first tooth! (it must have just broke through, because only a few hours before I looked in his mouth and saw no tooth).

Mommy and Daddy are so proud!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008


We are in the process of deciding if we should sell our house and build a new house. YIKES!! It makes me very nervous. I love the house I am in now. We have lived here for 6years and have worked very hard on it. I love almost everything about it. The house that we will be building, will be bigger and everything new and what we want, so in reality it seems like I will love it just as much. I am timid about moving but Justin is all for it. We'll see what happens!

Here are some pictures from our remodel... ahhh, building a whole house will be a lot more work!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Funny Photos!

Jeremiah's Hospital Adventure

When Jeremiah was about 9 days old we found out he had 2 holes in his heart causing a heart murmur. The doctors assumed they would close on their own, so they decided not to anything about it. We were just supposed to keep going to the cardiologist for check ups and keep an eye out for symptoms that he was having trouble.

The last couple of weeks we have noticed a couple of "warning signs." I wasn't too worried, because he was still acting OK, but at his check up I made sure I talked to the doctor about him. His doctor was a little worried, so she sent us out to get an x-ray of his chest/heart. When she called us with the results, she informed us that we needed to go directly to Phoenix Children's Hospital. She said he may be having Congestive Heart Failure.

Jeremiah and I ended up staying in the hospital for 3days/2nights. Hearing multiple times that it looked like Congestive Heart Failure. Then on day 2 he ended up getting a high fever. The poor little guy had to get lots of tests that he didn't enjoy. He was such a trooper! He was so sweet and the hit of the hospital. It was a crazy couple of days. On Wednesday, we finally talked to the cardiologist and he said that he was good to go home.

I know God blessed our little guy, and that's why he is home!

I had a hard time calming him down the first night, so I gave him his monkey to hold. He clung onto that monkey almost the entire hospital visit. The doctors and nurses were amused by such a small baby behaving so well and finding comfort through his little monkey and the music mommy played for him.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Life is Changing

Life has changed so much since these babies came into my life.

- Our music is changing...Justin is not excited about this part. The other day I was watching Regis and Kelly and Laurie Berkner was on singing "Rocket ship Run." Jeremiah, has always calmed down and has seemed intrigued by music, when he heard this song, he started laughing, he would have danced too if he could. I decided to download a couple of her songs for the kids. You can click on "BumbleBee" in my music player to hear one of her songs. However our favorite is "Googleheads"

-Our popularity is changing... we are no longer people of interest in our family.But that is okay. These two babies are so loved it's amazing. My heart melted when I saw Alexis being held by her grandad Babu and smiling at her great granddad.

-Our house is changing... I use to keep my house as clean and organized as possible. Now, I choose to spend my free time playing with my babies. So I don't get much time to clean, but it's worth it! Not only is the house a little more cluttered than normal, but now we have swings, mats, pacifiers, wet wipes, stuffed animals, rattles, and books scattered everywhere.

-Our entertainment is changing... now we get excited over babies laughing, smiling, or rolling. Even burping is funny. Everyday we look forward to the new things these little people will do. (oh, forgot to tell you, they both have been rolling for about 4weeks. But now, they do it nonstop, I can't keep them on their tummies)

-Our life is changing so much, after six years of just Justin and I it takes a little getting use to, but we are so lucky to have such perfect little children. They have joined our family and life perfect!