Saturday, August 9, 2008

Life is Changing

Life has changed so much since these babies came into my life.

- Our music is changing...Justin is not excited about this part. The other day I was watching Regis and Kelly and Laurie Berkner was on singing "Rocket ship Run." Jeremiah, has always calmed down and has seemed intrigued by music, when he heard this song, he started laughing, he would have danced too if he could. I decided to download a couple of her songs for the kids. You can click on "BumbleBee" in my music player to hear one of her songs. However our favorite is "Googleheads"

-Our popularity is changing... we are no longer people of interest in our family.But that is okay. These two babies are so loved it's amazing. My heart melted when I saw Alexis being held by her grandad Babu and smiling at her great granddad.

-Our house is changing... I use to keep my house as clean and organized as possible. Now, I choose to spend my free time playing with my babies. So I don't get much time to clean, but it's worth it! Not only is the house a little more cluttered than normal, but now we have swings, mats, pacifiers, wet wipes, stuffed animals, rattles, and books scattered everywhere.

-Our entertainment is changing... now we get excited over babies laughing, smiling, or rolling. Even burping is funny. Everyday we look forward to the new things these little people will do. (oh, forgot to tell you, they both have been rolling for about 4weeks. But now, they do it nonstop, I can't keep them on their tummies)

-Our life is changing so much, after six years of just Justin and I it takes a little getting use to, but we are so lucky to have such perfect little children. They have joined our family and life perfect!

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Kim said...

Holly, great blog! Loved to read about the changes in your lives and how joyous those changes are. We're thankful to hear Jeremiah is doing better--we were praying fervently for him! Lots of love, Kim