Monday, March 28, 2011

3 Year Pictures

Had some great ideas for pictures, but they did not come to fruition, but still got a couple cute ones.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Twins Third Birthday Party

My little bundles of joy are not little bundles any more. I can’t believe how much they have changed over the past three years. Now, they communicate so well and know so much it just astonishes me. We had a great day today, here are a few (okay probably more than a few) pictures of our day. Soon I will be posting a little BIO of the kids at three years old.

Good Morning!

Alexis came into my room this morning crawled into bed with me and said “I see balloons out there!” I reminded her that it was for her birthday and then wished her a happy birthday. She then asked “You going to cry now?” (I did, but a few hours later)


Morning surprise!!!




The kids requested; for their birthday, they would like for their “Big friends and little friends and family, come over to eat my cake!” So that’s what we did. We invited kids 5years and younger and of course cousins, even if they were older. (Can’t have a party without your cousins!)

It was Word World themed. Word World is the kids favorite cartoon! I couldn’t afford to go all crazy with matching plates, cups, etc.… but I did get a couple things, and then make a few of my own. Didn’t spend too much, but the kids enjoyed it!

where words come alive





Stealing M&M’s from the candy dish…IMG_6734

The kids chose what they wanted to have for their birthday lunch. We had hotdogs, carrots and ranch, cheese balls, JELLO and lemonade.


They both really wanted party hats, but Alexis wouldn’t wear hers because “It too fit.”



I made up a balloon pop/ puzzle game. Kids split into two groups (boys and girls). One person was handed a balloon, they had to run over to the hula hoop and pop the balloon. If inside the balloon was a puzzle piece they had to run it over to the table. Each child had a chance to pop a balloon or two.

IMG_6756IMG_6758IMG_6759IMG_6765IMG_6771 WordWorldgrouplogo[1]

We got a different piƱata for the kids than usual. I figured this one was a little more reasonable for a three year old birthday party. Each child took ahold of one of the strings and at the same time they all pulled! Out of the bottom fell the candy and toys inside!


I attempted to make this cake… ww_web_birthday_09[1]

But ,this is what I got. The kids told me “My cake is the best birthday cake ever!” So that helped the pain. However, when I started cutting the cake, the top crumbled. I was disappointed, but they were happy and that’s what counts!IMG_6742IMG_6800

As soon as the candles had been blown out, Jeremiah grabbed the balloon candle and stuck it in his mouth. He continually wiped his tongue off, most likely because he put the hot waxy end in his mouth. YUCK!IMG_6807


I never imaged the kids would get as many things as they did this year. I can honestly say they love everything they received. Thank you!!


A few days before their birthday the kids tried guessing what was in their gift bags. They both guessed a bicycle. I helped them understand a bike would not fit in the bag, then they thought hard and Alexis said “maybe there is lipstick in their?” Jeremiah then said “I have a basket ball in there” Those kids are too smart! IMG_6842IMG_6852IMG_6858

For over a month Alexis has been telling us that she is getting “a purple bike and a purple helmet and Jeremiah is getting a blue bike and a blue helmet” I am not sure where and why she decided this, but we did get her a purple bike and him a blue bike. About a half an hour after the kids got their bikes Alexis came up to me, concerned but very matter of fact, and asked “uhh, mommy you get me a purple helmet?” I told her that maybe when she opens her presents she would get a helmet. Out of all the presents she was most excited over Jeremiah’s helmet!

 IMG_6859IMG_6860IMG_6863IMG_6867pig on bike

After everyone left and we had a little time to clean up and play with some of the new toys, we went to Red Robin for the kids free birthday dinner. As you  can see, Alexis is a bit tired.P3260150P3260151P3260154P3260156

It was TIP A COP night so the kids were not only serenated by the Red Robin Staff but some police officers.


I only cried 3 times today… I am so thankful that the Lord decided to bless me with these two wonderful gifts. I celebrate this day with zeal because my life was forever changed they day they were born. I just hope I can be a good mommy to them because they deserve the best!