Thursday, March 24, 2011

This week…

This week is a special week for me.

28 Years ago, my little brother was born. He is the “closest” blood relative I have. We have behaved like brothers and sisters do, but I have come to realize that he is the one person I have always counted on to be there for me. I am grateful to have a brother!

holly and tony(newborn) 001

10 years ago, Justin walked into my life. I still remember the moment he walked through the doors of the restaurant we were at, celebrating my brothers birthday. It was NOT love at first sightSmile But it was, knowledge. I knew from that moment my life would never been the same. Marriage? Not on my mind at that time, but I knew it was something. That moment, is one reason I know Justin and I were suppose to be together and when things get tough, I recall the moment I knew he was suppose to be part of my life forever. In that moment, there were no other feelings involved, just a pure knowledge. I am thankful, God chose him to be my husband.


3 years ago, Our twins were born. They too have forever changed me. I never imagined that I could love, adore, and need these two as much as I do. They are my life! And I love being their mommy!

1st family photo

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