Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An emotional wreck

I am an emotional wreck today. Many reasons as to why, in which I will not go into detail over. However, one reason is that my babies are growing up. With their third birthday looming around the corner, I realize, this phase of life goes so fast, and I will miss it so much. As I write this, I started sobbing, not sure if I can blame it on the hormones or just a sappy mommy.

Here are the two things that made be break down in tears within the last hour…


Tonight, Alexis is going diaper/pull-up free for the first time at night. You know what that means? She is fully potty trained. This, yes, is a joyous occasion however it just solidifies the fact she is growing up. In all reality she has been dry 99% of the time for the past 6months, so really this step is long over due. I just didn’t want to have to get up in the middle of night to change sheets on the rare occasion that she doesn’t wake up to relieve herself.



Really??? This made me cry?? What??? It’s because she said “Look mom, I have no teeth!” She was making a joke. Come on, I can’t have kids old enough to make jokes, that are actually funny.

As I said… an emotional wreck!

Here is Jeremiah joining in on the fun.


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mamabecky said...

Holly, many of us completely understand your sadness. The only thing I can say is you take memories with you for each stage of life which is good, and does not take away from the other. I still miss my babies, but absolutely adore my grown-up "kids"