Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ER visit #3 for Alexis! or is it #4??

I first want to thank our Heavenly Father, for the miracle He deemed fit to bestow unto our family. Secondly, I am so thankful for all the prayers regarding my daughter. I KNOW without a shadow of doubt, the Lord heard and answered these prayers.

As many of you already know, my daughter has suffered her entire life with severe allergies.  About a year ago after a visit to the Emergency Room followed by an visit with a allergist, she was diagnosed being severely allergic to quite a few foods as well as pet dander. She was also tested for some outside allergens, and those came back negative. However, it is very hard to get  tested for EVERYTHING in this world. From that point; she has been on a daily regimen. I as mom, was given the okay to treat her “as needed” when she got bad she got more meds or different meds. For about a year we have  maintained this. She has had a few episodes but within a day or two, it is under control again.

For the past few days, I have noticed Alexis getting more break outs and becoming more severe. I started watching her very carefully. Avoiding anything that could potentially cause her to go into anaphylactic shock (resulting in tongue and throat swelling, causing her to be unable to breath). Today, her face seemed more irritated then ever before. I started to get concerned and decided to call the allergist to make an appointment. While on the phone with the nurse, Alexis came to me and said “I so scratchy mommy, I want to go to doctor” You know it’s bad when a three year old asks to go to the doctor. As she was telling me this she continued to scratch her face, at this point she started to bleed around her lips and on her chin. I asked the nurse, if we could come in today. She said she would talk to the doctor about just refilling the steroid I had and she would call me back.

As I waited for the nurse to call me back, I took a picture of her face, then watched her play. She was having a fun time, acting like a three year old. But she started to fall a lot and couldn’t keep her bearings. From that point, I told both kids to get their shoes on, and I planned on taking Alexis to the pediatric urgent care up the road. As soon as we were ready to go, the nurse called me back and said the doctor wanted us to go to the ER. I said, Okay. Then I mentioned her face was starting to swell. I knew what was next, as the nurse shouted “give her the epi pen and I will call 911!”

This was our first time giving and receiving the epi pen and we were both scared. I have heard how kids can react and was not looking forward to the effects. I have tried to always prepare my children but not scare them. As soon as I came in with the epi pen, Alexis cried out “I can’t want a shot!” I consoled her enough to trust me. She sat on my lap, even though she cried, she was strong and did not fight as I kept the needle in her leg, while we counted to ten.

The paramedics arrived at our house and Alexis started doing a little better (the epinephrine was working) As we sat there answering questions, her symptoms started to return and one paramedic jumped up and said, “okay lets go to the hospital” They were trying to be energetic and happy around us, but it was written all over their face that this was serious. So off we went.. I was so thankful that Jeremiah was enjoying himself. He can be a bit of a mommy’s boy in strange situations. Today, he was happy and energetic talking to the firemen and becoming their best friend.

On the way to hospital I was able to text a message to a few people to get the prayers going. But everything was going so quick, I couldn’t say much. Even to Justin; I talked to him on the phone for only a couple seconds, just to tell him to go to hospital.

Once at the hospital, Alexis condition got worse. Her face was swollen and red. I was laying in bed with her while several doctors and nurses huddled around us. (Jeremiah playing with the firemen still) It is all still mostly a blur, but it was basically to the point if she got just a tiny bit worse, they would intubate and start an epinephrine drip on her. By this point she was in an almost not responsive state. They were shaking her trying to wake her up. I just closed my eyes and gave my heart to God. No words came to mind. I just sat and humbly gave my will over. Just then Alexis opened her eyes for a moment, and the nurse put a huge shot of steroids in her leg. She cried! It was beautiful. From that point on slowly she looked better and acted better. By the time she was ready to be discharged she was so hyper she made her brother look calm. The doctor informed us that it was from the steroids and that she would be like this for the next few days as she had to remain on steroids. She also mentioned that she could have the munchies and be very emotional, almost bi-polar like. This is no joke!

From this experience you can see the obvious blessing. But there is so much more. The nurse calling 911, took a burden off my shoulder. Going to the ER in an ambulance while someone could take care of my other three year old was a blessing. The toys the PCT gave Alexis was a HUGE blessing – he picked out a little princess doll for her. And if you know Alexis you know she won’t go anywhere without her “girls” I didn’t have time to find her girls, and so she was without. This princess brought her peace. So many other little things, but to us where huge.

I maintained composure the entire time. I didn’t feel overwhelmed, stressed, scared or really anything for that matter. I just took care of business and supported my scared little girl. After we got home and I tucked the kids into bed, we said our prayers. I thanked God for His blessings today. Then I sang “Jesus Loves Me” This made me breakdown.

“Jesus Loves me this I know,

For the Bible tells me so,

Little ones to Him belong,

They are weak, but He is Strong!

Yes, Jesus Loves ME!”

I choked out the last few words, kissed my kids, and sat on the couch and cried. I am just so thankful that she is safe and in her own bed tonight. It got really bad, and if much worse I could have lost her. As we were leaving, the doctor told me “mom, you did everything right today!” I know; what I did was by God’s design. He helped me do what was right. The paramedics were talking about all the many pediatric calls they had today and  I know of  at least   one mom today that had to say goodbye to her child. I have been humbled today.

I give unto men weakness, that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them. Ether 5;28

Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong. 2 Corinthians 12;10

before epipenafter the steriodsbetter with twomini fireman

I just want to shout from the mountain tops:



desertmama said...

This made me thankful to God for blessing you my friend and your beautiful little daughter.

Melanie said...

That was another beautiful testimony of how he's made her whole!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Wow, terrifying and neat all at the same time. I'm thankful you were able to get that text out and I was able to pray for all of you. Our God is an AWESOME God!