Saturday, August 29, 2009

My BIGGEST parenting fears!


I have never been too afraid of becoming a parent or raising kids. I however have always had a couple of fears regarding it.

1.) POTTY TRAINING! I am stressed out about this phase. Most everyone I know is potty trained, so I assume it’s not as hard as I am making it out to be. I have always been afraid of this phase… long before I was ever pregnant. I don’t know when to start, how to start, what to do, how to proceed, etc. etc. etc. I started stressing out about this, when my brother was being potty trained (25+ years ago). When each of my friends have potty trained their kids, it seemed to go smoothly but I stress out because what if I can’t teach my kids, and then I have to change diapers at their High School Graduation.


2) MIDDLE SCHOOL… getting into the WRONG crowd… and getting into Drugs! This is a major fear, but for this I at least have a plan.

3) My kids getting married before they find the right person. ( I guess, if I never potty train, I won’t have to worry about this one!)j0078843

4) My biggest fear, is that I will die before my kids are grown. It’s more of a selfish fear I suppose. I want to teach them all the wonderful things this world has to offer. I also want to teach them against all the negative things this world has to offer. My children are such a wonderful gift, and I cherish every moment with them. I do not want to leave them alone, I want to help guide them and get them to the point where they depend on God for their strength and guidance. At that point, I can go, but I don’t want to before then!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

 Snack time…

Mattress Slide


2months ago when my SIL and her family moved in, the kids thought it was the greatest thing ever, because now they had an indoor slide. I know I should have stopped them right away, but they were having so much fun! 0630091611c0630091611d 0630091611a

A little mother…

Alexis does not play with any of her dolls. Why would she, when she has a brother? Alexis almost always makes sure her brother is taken care of. If she gets a treat/snack, she always asks for more than one and proceeds to take it to her brother. When JB leaves his cup somewhere, she picks it up carries it around then offers it to him (she often will sip it, to make sure it’s still good). One incident that I thought was purely adorable was the other day when were leaving the house. I told the kids to get their blankets to go bye-bye. Alexis grabbed hers then JB’s. She took it over to him and said “droder, droder, droder” as she handed it to him. He took it and dropped it on the floor almost immediately. She picked it back up and repeated “droder” again until he took it. I think it is sweat how loving she is to him, and for the most part she doesn’t fight with him (he has no problem fighting with her). When he wants something she normally gives it over to him, because she knows it’s what he wants. When he is in a time out in his crib, she always wants in there. The days that she wakes up before him, she is constantly going back to the bedroom door and pointing, when he does wake up she squeals with delight and runs to the room with open arms and reaches into him crib to say “I missed you brother!”

New word: Last night Jeremiah started repeating “Love you” after we would say it to him. It was so adorable!!!!

I just love my job as a mommy and I just love my babies!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Need your prayers..

After 3 days of a high fever and some severe pain in my lower back, I decided I should go to the doctor. My blood pressure was extremely low, temperature high, and I looked as though I had been hit by a bus. The dr. determined that I have a terrible bladder infection most likely now going into my kidneys. I had 2 choices, start an the strongest antibiotic they could offer, today and hope for the best or go across the street to the ER and be put on IV antibiotics. I chose to go home with a prescription. I am asking for your prayers that this will work. If by Saturday morning I do not feel a substantial amount better, I am supposed to go to the hospital. This I do not want to do. However, if I continue to feel this lousy, I will gladly go, because I can’t do much more of this.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Word update & Wordless Wednesday

JB & Alexis are starting to talk a lot more. I just love there cute little voices. Here are some of the new words floating around the house. “Hi, Up, Woof, Two, Ach, Mommy, Dada, Mamma,  Droder, Ouch, Owie, Whoa, Wow, Ticka, Ticka, Birdie, This”

I’m not feeling good at all today, last night my temperature went up to 103* while I was taking Tylenol.  I am still feeling pretty crummy this morning, but think I am on my way to recovery.
Lighthouse at Catalina Island

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dancing Time

Alexis has some new moves! Jeremiahs are about the same as last time.

Check it out...

My dad has started a new blog! Make sure you check it out! The-Ends-Of-The-Earth

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Turn a Dead Body into Diamonds

This is so crazy! You need to check out this site: Life Gem. It turns the remains of your loved one into a diamond! I’m not sure I could or would do it, but it’s kind of a cool concept. Just so crazy I had to share.

A goofy day

Life has been beyond hectic for a while now. However, the other day the babies and I had some “down time” It was so much fun spending time with just mommy and her babies. The kids were very goofy though.
I turned around and saw that JB was wearing dad’s hat. When I say wearing, I really mean wearing, not playing with it. He was playing with his toys, all the while wearing the overly large hat.
P8060009 P8060013 P8060015 P8060040 P8060037 P8060034 P8060027 P8060025 P8060018 P8060016
The kids were getting pretty tired, but not cranky. I was sitting at my desk and they decided to bring the couch pillows to the floor. Eventually they worked themselves over to me and place them on my feet so they could lay down next to me. So cute!
P8060044P8060043P8060047 Alexis thought it was hysterical to keep putting her feet on her brother’s head. Good thing he thought it was funny too.P8060054P8060050P8060057P8060060P8060064P8060066P8060063

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Out with the old…
In with the new…
I am a little sad to see the old table go, since it was the table I grew up on. However, this new table is great because my family can fit around it! (8 chairs!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Guess they like apples

Once we got home from our trip and we were trying to unpack and clean up everything, the kids got into the “snack bag” They both started munching on apples. Not a bad snack except eventually the apples were covered with grossness from dropping on the floor too many times. Also, JB decided he would rather use it as a ball to throw instead of eat.

P7270204 P7270205 P7270206 P7270208 P7270207

5 Little Monkeys….

A couple of days ago, I had all 4 kids sitting on the couch with me, and I started singing the 5 Little Monkeys song. However I changed it a little “4 little monkeys sitting on the couch, one fell off and bonked her head. The mama/aunty called the doctor and the doctor said “no more monkeys jumping on the couch!”” I sang about 2 verses of this song and pointed to the kids while singing. Alexis was enjoying herself, however she slid of the couch and waddled into my bedroom (their bedroom for the time being). A few moments later she returned with the 5 Little Monkeys BOOK! I was shocked. I showed Justin what she just did. He said that was pretty cool, but most likely a coincidence, especially since we didn’t see hear actually “search” for the book. Knowing she does search our her favorite book “I love You Through and Through” I had a suspicion that she may have known what I was singing.

The next day, Alexis and Kaia were on the couch with me, as I was telling Aunt Melanie the story. Once again Alexis slithered off the couch. This time, I knew all her books were in her crib. So I quickly ran into my room picked up a pile of books and put them on the floor. With “5 Little Monkeys” somewhere in the middle. Then I rushed back to my seat and continued the story. I watched as I saw Alexis squat down and peruse the books. Moments later, out she comes with the appropriate book.

The story keeps going… that afternoon, I told Aunt Jessica about both episodes, while telling the story, Alexis quickly retrieved the “5 Little Monkeys” book off the table and brought it to me to read.

I am pretty sure, she knows what book I am talking about!

P7310233 P7280227

Monday, August 3, 2009

Updated info about mail…

Previous post: This week my home address postal mailbox received mail for16 different people!j0078771
Now, here is more information to help clarify… Yes, I only have 9 people living here, however, each person actually received mail. Even Alexis and Jeremiah. One person has mail coming with 2 different last names.  I also still receive mail from 3 prior owners. And I also get mail from 3 other houseguests. So that is 9+1+3+3=16 Yes, crazy and Yes, a little weird!