Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A goofy day

Life has been beyond hectic for a while now. However, the other day the babies and I had some “down time” It was so much fun spending time with just mommy and her babies. The kids were very goofy though.
I turned around and saw that JB was wearing dad’s hat. When I say wearing, I really mean wearing, not playing with it. He was playing with his toys, all the while wearing the overly large hat.
P8060009 P8060013 P8060015 P8060040 P8060037 P8060034 P8060027 P8060025 P8060018 P8060016
The kids were getting pretty tired, but not cranky. I was sitting at my desk and they decided to bring the couch pillows to the floor. Eventually they worked themselves over to me and place them on my feet so they could lay down next to me. So cute!
P8060044P8060043P8060047 Alexis thought it was hysterical to keep putting her feet on her brother’s head. Good thing he thought it was funny too.P8060054P8060050P8060057P8060060P8060064P8060066P8060063


The Jacobsen Family! said...

Cute! They're looking so grown up lately!

Melanie said...

I love the pics of her putting her foot on her brother.

GRAMEE said...

these pictures are priceless..

i can just hear her giggles!

they have grown since i first found your

The-Ends-Of-The-Earth said...

I see a next generation cop.

The-Ends-Of-The-Earth said...
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Becky said...

Absolutely Love the pictures. JB looks so grown up in his cop hat until it tips off his head. And Lexi won't get away with the foot thing with brother for long!