Saturday, January 24, 2009

Quote of the day!

I saw this quote and thought about my sister-in-law and I... we've both started being crafty... check out her site...

"Stop fighting your creative spirit that is struggling to break free inside you. You will not be the person you were meant to be until you free this creative spirit and find ways to put it to use. Freeing your creative spirit will not send you into financial ruin or cause havoc with your life, if you acknowledge the creative side of you and find ways to gradually blend it into your thought process. What will happen is that you will find happiness you didn't know existed and you will become the person you were meant to be."-- Edward W. Smith, The One Minute Motivator

"Go Bye Bye"

Last night while our family was over, Jeremiah and Alexis decided they wanted to go play with the stereo components. Now, this is a daily battle at our house. They are constantly turning on the CD player or changing something on the tuner. So when they touch it, it is a "NO, NO." Last night was no different. As the babies climbed up to the entertainment center and started touching the buttons, in unison we sang out the familiar chours of "no, don't touch" And as usual, their heads would turn, we would receive a big grin for our performance and then they will continue pushing buttons to entice us for an encore. This happened a couple of times before, daddy headed their way to remove them from the temptation. All the while our two year old niece was watching this unfold, and as she saw "uncle" heading towards the babies, she shouted out a warning to her younger cousins "GO BYE BYE" It was if she was shouting to them to take refuge, because they were in grave danger. In so many ways, I thought this was adorable, so I just had to share!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

a little guilty

Well, today I feel a little guilty. Jeremiah is pretty sick today, and still very fussy. So, you all must think I am a terrible mommy. Yesterday, must have been worse than normal for me to vent about the tears. Today, that I know he is sick, I don't mind as much if he is fussy. It's just so hard going out with him, because he doesn't want to be in the stroller & he doesn't want to nap. Every time we go out all he will do is scream. If I hold him, he will be quiet but then his sister wants to be held too and I cant hold both and push the stroller. (Well, I can but it's not easy) Ahhh... I guess I should stop venting about all of this and just deal with it. Sorry!

Cousin Kaia: This blog is sort of like my journal and scrapbook so I wanted to share a little about Kaia our niece. She started saying the babies names now too and it's so cute. She says "Aundy, Ugoo, Leki, & Miah" She sometimes just calls the babies "beeby." Her mom tells us that she looks at our pictures and repeats "Hi Aundy, Hi Ugoo, Bye Aundy, Bye Ugoo" Kind of in a sing song tone. It's cute, I've heard her do it a few times. She is definitely a huge part of our lives. And I am thrilled all the kids will have each other to grow up with and we will have so many shared memories. (Oh, one more thing. She cracks me up because she'll call my name over and over and over, when I ask her what she'll just point the one of the babies and say "beeby" or sometimes say nothing at all. So sometimes I have fun and do it to her, then she laughs)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My son won't stop crying! The names we have for him: Cranky, Mr. Crank, Fuss Bucket, Fuss Ball, Mr. Fussy Pants, Sir Cries A Lot, Crusty Crab, Little Noise Maker, Jerry, Professor Pouty, & I am sure there is more that I am forgetting. He is just so dramatic about everything. BUT when he is happy he is such a little charmer and flirt. He just wants everything his way, and he does NOT want anything or anyone interfering with his plans!!! Not only that... but he won't nap because he doesn't want to miss out on anything. So that just makes everything ten times worse. Alright, I am done complaining now. Thanks for your time!

(you may be wondering about the "Jerry" we use that because it is the ONE nickname we do not like and pray he never gets... so when we are at our whits end and starting to get annoyed, for some reason that name comes out... not sure why, maybe its a coping skill, disassociation or something)

Friday, January 16, 2009

family tree

I wanted to do this for some time now, and finally did it! I am not all the way finished, but I figured I would show it off. Here is our family tree... I painted it in the babies room, and put some pictures up of family members, so we can look at it daily and remember those we love and those who love us. I thought about doing the trunk out of cork board, I still may, but this works for now.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by my friend who blogs over at 4 silly sisters to participate in a fun "Meme". The directions are as follows: Open a document or photo folder and choose the fifth folder and then the fifth photo in that folder. Next, post the photo with a description about it and then tag 5 friends to do the same.
Here is my 5/5
This picture is of me and my family when I was about 5 years old. We are dressed up for family pictures and my dad is dressed up ready to go to work. LOL... he was working as an undercover detective at the time. It cracks me up everytime I see pictures of him as a scrub... it is SO NOT MY DAD!!!
Gonna pass this on to 5 more...

Birthday Party


On Saturday, we celebrated our niece's 2nd birthday. We went to the park and had cupcakes. The babies went in the swing for the 1st time and seemed to enjoy it. They also got to spend some time with Babu and Nanu, who left today for Africa. My mom will only be gone for 3 weeks, but my dad will be gone for 8 weeks. He seemed pretty sad to leave the little ones for that long. They will be a couple days shy of 1 year when he sees them again.

For Kaia's b-day we got her a baby doll, a kitchen cupcake set with apron, bowl, spoon, etc. and I made her a special cupcake blanket.

Later in the evening we had another birthday party, for the McIndoo's. Happy Birthday to Dad, Cousin Michelle, Grandad Don, Aunt Kathy, Justin, and myself!

Friday, January 9, 2009

1st Hair Cut

Last night Jeremiah had his first haircut. He did very good sitting still while daddy took the buzzer to his head. It was cute, he would keep turing his head back and forth to see what was tickling him.

Both of the babies are now trying to walk. Last night I watched as they started to "cruise" they are still holding on to things as they are walking, but because they keep letting go and standing on their own, I am sure it won't be long until they are walking!!

MOMMY BRAG MOMENT: Yesterday, the babies had their 9 month appointment. These are the doctors words: "I have never seen any baby, let alone twins, who were born this premature do so amazing developmentally, they are beyond what they should be." I know, I am bragging, but I am also so thankful that they are doing as well as they are. (Jeremiah weighed in at 17.1 lbs and 27 &1/4inches and Alexis was 17.2lbs and 27&1/2 inches)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesdays

They Broke Out!
For more wordless wednesdays go to

Monday, January 5, 2009

It's a New Year!

(First of all, I have to say I am so happy! My kids took 2 naps today!! For some reason they have decided they don't want to take naps any more, but if I am lucky I can get them down for 45minutes or so. However, today I got a break and was finally able to catch up on my house chores. Since this week has been super crazy.)

2009 is here... Wow, I am amazed when I look back at 2008. The year was filled with so many blessings!! I hope this year I am able to be a better servant for our Lord, a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend. I have fallen short so many times and I hope I have the strength in 2009 to be worthy of all the gifts I have been given.

Again, this year we had a party at our house. "Bartlett's Burger Buffett" we made a bunch of mini hamburgers and had lots of different toppings: ketchup, mustard, mayo, terriayki, ranch, A1, BBQ sauce, salsa, chili, lettuce, tomato, pineapple, bacon, avocado, pickles, onion, fried onions, green chilies, & 5 different kinds of cheeses.

Along with some side dishes I also made a "hamburger cake" I came up with this idea, and surprisingly it actually came out better than I thought it would. Not only that, but it tasted good too!!

Happy New year to each of you! May 2009 be filled with love and laughter!