Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a little guilty

Well, today I feel a little guilty. Jeremiah is pretty sick today, and still very fussy. So, you all must think I am a terrible mommy. Yesterday, must have been worse than normal for me to vent about the tears. Today, that I know he is sick, I don't mind as much if he is fussy. It's just so hard going out with him, because he doesn't want to be in the stroller & he doesn't want to nap. Every time we go out all he will do is scream. If I hold him, he will be quiet but then his sister wants to be held too and I cant hold both and push the stroller. (Well, I can but it's not easy) Ahhh... I guess I should stop venting about all of this and just deal with it. Sorry!

Cousin Kaia: This blog is sort of like my journal and scrapbook so I wanted to share a little about Kaia our niece. She started saying the babies names now too and it's so cute. She says "Aundy, Ugoo, Leki, & Miah" She sometimes just calls the babies "beeby." Her mom tells us that she looks at our pictures and repeats "Hi Aundy, Hi Ugoo, Bye Aundy, Bye Ugoo" Kind of in a sing song tone. It's cute, I've heard her do it a few times. She is definitely a huge part of our lives. And I am thrilled all the kids will have each other to grow up with and we will have so many shared memories. (Oh, one more thing. She cracks me up because she'll call my name over and over and over, when I ask her what she'll just point the one of the babies and say "beeby" or sometimes say nothing at all. So sometimes I have fun and do it to her, then she laughs)


Melanie said...

don't feel too bad, he is very strong willed so it's hard to tell when he's just crabby or if there's something more. You and J are gonna have a fun time redirecting his nature for good ;)

Kaia loves you bunches, but you already know that

eastonsmom said...

Every baby has those days (and so does every mom!)