Monday, January 12, 2009


On Saturday, we celebrated our niece's 2nd birthday. We went to the park and had cupcakes. The babies went in the swing for the 1st time and seemed to enjoy it. They also got to spend some time with Babu and Nanu, who left today for Africa. My mom will only be gone for 3 weeks, but my dad will be gone for 8 weeks. He seemed pretty sad to leave the little ones for that long. They will be a couple days shy of 1 year when he sees them again.

For Kaia's b-day we got her a baby doll, a kitchen cupcake set with apron, bowl, spoon, etc. and I made her a special cupcake blanket.

Later in the evening we had another birthday party, for the McIndoo's. Happy Birthday to Dad, Cousin Michelle, Grandad Don, Aunt Kathy, Justin, and myself!

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Melanie said...

it turned out really cute! It's a special blankie for my girl!