Monday, September 21, 2009

Random thought and pictures

Lots of things happening, but not a lot of time to journal it. However, I don’t want to forget, so here it goes:

-Jeremiah says “Babu” all the time now! This past week their vocabulary has just blossomed. Alexis is even starting to put two words together. She likes to narrate what ever is going on at the time. If JB is throwing a fit, she will tell me all about it. If daddy tells them to stop doing something, she will reiterate it to me. If she gets hurt or thinks something is funny she will not only tell me about it, she will reenact it.

-We had the kids apart for a couple of hours on Sunday, when they were reunited, it was like they had been apart since birth. Hugs, kisses, and giggles. It was cute!

-They sat in the cart as we were grocery shopping, and decided to help themselves to a cucumber or two. They devoured them!


-My mom made angel food cake for desert. JB loved it and kept asking for more. I’m not sure what Alexis thought of it. She savored her piece, by taking itty bitty pieces. When I say itty bitty I mean smaller than the crumbs that fall when I eat. She would pick a tiny piece and eat it, if we would ask for some, she would gladly share. I couldn’t even taste the piece she gave me. (the video shows a some large bites)


Making a MESS, is what we do BEST! P9200063 P9200061P9200062 P9200058  My little pumpkin!P9190056


Melanie said...

sounds like her verbal skills are taking off and I love that she is replaying everything. too bad she is gonna do that with movies later :)

I love that little pumpkin

HollyB said...

The Pumpkin is pretty cute. Two babies sure can make a big mess, but they are way too cute doing it!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

He doesn't look too sure about being a pumpkin! LOL!
The messes dont get better as they get older either... It's insane!

eastonsmom said...

Like the kids playing with the blocks. It's so much more fun to play in the box, than with what goes in it.