Friday, September 18, 2009

Chaos is a Blessing!

When I think about how chaotic my day has been, I contemplate how it really is a blessing. Here is just a glimpse of our day and why it can be seen as a blessing.

6:30am Babies starting to wake up, but mommy says “no” to the monitor and makes them wait until at least 7am. Thankful that I am able to be a stay at home mommy!

7am Babies fell back asleep. Thankful I get more sleep!

7:45am Alexis doing her high pitch scream, followed by “mommy” Jeremiah shaking the crib rails and now learned how to do the same high pitch scream. Thankful they are learning knew things

7:47am Mom enters room, gives the routine lecture about not screaming. Then changes 2 diapers. Thankful I get to be a mom!

8:20am Breakfast Time… make and serve breakfast to 2 toddlers, clean up after 2 toddlers, which includes faces, necks, hands, and hair, 2 highchairs, floors, walls, plates and silverware and kitchen. Thankful I have food to feed my family!

9am Change 2 diapers then its Play time, just spend some time playing with the babies. Sometimes we watch movies, sometimes we just cuddle and read books. Most of the time we are playing with our noise making toys in the bedroom. Thankful the my prayers were answered and I have 2 beautiful children!

10am leave the kids in their room, so I can shower and get ready for the day. Thankful they have their own room!

10:30am Reap the rewards of leaving the two of them alone for a 1/2 an hour. See my previous post for more on that! Thankful they are “normal” toddlers!

11am leave the house so dad can sleep. Going out with 2 toddlers is not always easy. In some ways it is so much nicer now that they can walk. As infants there was a lot of lifting of car seats in and out, and had to be prepared for anything and bring everything. Now, they can walk, so I don’t have to carry them as much. There is still a lot of lifting in and out of car seats, strollers ect. When we go places, I feel like a mother duck with her babies waddling after her, constantly turning around and quaking at them, and making sure they are following. Anyway, going out is nice, but it has it’s pros and cons. Today we went grocery shopping. As my 18mo daughter pulled the bottom apple out of the pile and I watched the apples tumble to the floor, I wondered why I ever leave the house. Surprisingly, they still gave my kids a balloon! Thankful I get to be the one who experiences all these fun and exciting events.

12:30pm Lunch time…make then serve lunch to 2 toddlers, clean up after 2 toddlers, which includes faces, necks, hands, and hair, 2 highchairs, floors, walls, plates and silverware and kitchen. Thankful that I am physically able to take care of my family and house!

1pm Wake daddy up! Spend some time playing in Mom and Dad’s bed. Visit with Daddy for awhile. Thankful that I now get an hour of help with the kids!!

2pm Diaper change and Nap Time! Thankful that I have a little break time.

3pm Mommy and Daddy time. Sometimes that means, cleaning the house or working in the yard. Other days it means just watching a movie or talking. Thankful I have a wonderful husband!

4:30pm Make Daddy’s lunch to take to work. Thankful my husband has a job!

5pm Get kids up and change 2 more diapers. Dinner Time…make then serve dinner for 2 adults and 2 toddlers, clean up after 2 toddlers, which includes faces, necks, hands, and hair, 2 highchairs, floors, walls, plates and silverware and kitchen, clean up after 2 adults, which includes much of the same (daddy is messy). Thankful I have a family that I love and loves me!

6pm Bath time Thankful that we don’t have to ration our water and only bathe once a month that we all have to share!

7:30pm play –kids have a lot of freedom now, since we don’t have to stay quiet. More freedom means more chaos, sometimes they try escaping through the dog door, or climb on the coffee table or walk around the house throwing my candle holders. They sure have a lot of fun getting into trouble. Thankful that my kids are happy and have everything they need!

8:00pm Bedtime for Bartlett Babies!!!!! Thankful that I get to spend time cuddling, singing, reading and saying prayers with my children. These moments, I will never forget.

8:20pm School work, clean house, and TV. Thankful that I have plenty to do, and don’t have to worry about much!

10:30pm Bedtime for me, need rest for another chaotic but wonderful day! Thankful that I had a rewarding and fulfilling day, and begging our Lord for another one just like it tomorrow!


shelbystation said...
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mamabecky said...

Great Day, thanks for the view from your eyes. You are definately blessed and fortunate to be able to enjoy the simple things in life because they are the very best!

eastonsmom said...

What a great day!!!

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

OMG I am going to steal this post!! My day almost to a TEE!! I love it! Add in the naptime @ 1030 when I am finally ready to leave the house which means I have to stay here until 1pm when they decide to get up, feed them lunch, clean and then pick up Grant from school!! Love it!!

I just love our Chaos with twins!