Monday, December 22, 2008

Bartlett Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with the Bartlett family this year on Dec. 20th. We had a wonderful night filled with food, games, presents, "The Velvet," babies, and laughter. It was the babies first Christmas, and they didn't really understand what was going on. Jeremiah enjoyed a new pair of socks and Alexis played with Aunty Jessica's lipstick. This was Kaia's 2nd Christmas, she did a little better than last year. But, after opening her 1st gift, she was satisfied and didn't want to play with anything else.

It was a very long weekend for the babies, with lots of commotion. Once everyone left Saturday afternoon to go shooting, I tried putting the babies down for a much needed nap. After some crying Alexis fell asleep, but brother was persistent, so I went back into his room to calm him down. Once he fell asleep, I covered him up and went over to sister's crib to cover her, but I noticed she had no legs. I looked closer and realized she had fallen asleep sitting up. I had to take a picture!

Zachery's birthday was also on the 20th. So he also got birthday gifts. I got him the game Mancala and made him a special blanket with material that he picked out. I guess the blanket was better suited for him as a cape. He tied it on and morphed into "The Velvet" He ran around the house all day calling himself by that name. Ahhh, 11years old and still the same goofy Zach, we all love!


eastonsmom said...

I love the Christmas pictures!

Melanie said...

Alexis is hysterical sleeping like that. The velvet pic is really cool too. Our babies are so precious!

Anonymous said...

That is great! "The Velvet"!! I love it. Must be something with the name that makes the imagination go overtime, hmmm? Your kids are so sweet! Love' em. Alexis sleeping sitting up?!?! I would be in sooo much pain...good thing for flexibility. :)

I updated my blog. I would like to put you on my blogroll, but want to ask. I will put your tea site on there, for sure. Let me know and come, read, and comment. :)

See you tomorrow!

BlogBuddy said...

"The Velvet" Too Funny! Those are some great memories the Bartlett's can share for a lifetime. Mom