Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wake Up Call!?!?!

Here is what happened this morning from 2 different perspectives:j0303383

A Grandma's Perspective:

"I got my wake-up-phone call at 7:15AM this morning. This phone call was one that I actually got a kick out of. I actually found my self laughing out loud. So here is how the conversation went;

Becky: "Hello"

Caller: no answer

Becky: "Helllooo"

Caller: no answer

Becky: "Hellllloooo"

Caller: "hi' giggle, hi, giggle, hi, giggle, jibber-jabber-giggle, excitement scream, another hi, giggle, hi giggle, jibber-jabber scream, jibber-jabber, jibber-jabber- giggle hi, excited j0423840scream. This went on for maybe 5 minutes. I could hear Alexis talk like Holly used to  (sounding like real words but in a different language) without stopping,and then Jeremiah did the same. It was so funny I was laughing and talking to them, they would talk in their own language and throw in a hi here and there. Next I heard their mommy's groggy half asleep voice, "what are you doing?" give me my phone" Scream, scream, scream, scream.

Next, Holly got on the phone to tell me that the kids were in her closet with the phone. They somehow pushed the right button and got me, and the squealing woke her. But I thought it was a riot!! Then the kids told Grandma Bibi bye and they both said their bye and quit the screaming. I continued laughing for a while and then dozed back to sleep. I enjoyed my wake up call!"

  A Mother's Perspective:

Toddlers: Hi mama, Hi, Hi

Holly: mmmm, go back to bed, go play in your room, (eyes remained closed and back to sleep I go)

Toddlers: alke, doeohslkd, alidao, aodn, "Hi", ahdopoik, adoiadkls, "Hi"

Faint, but familiar voice: "Ha, ha, is your mommy there? Where is mommy?"

Toddlers: in the midst of laughing the word rambling continuedMCj04238380000[1]

Holly: (eyes 1/2 open, rolling out of bed, see's closet door open) What are you doing? Give me that phone! (fear sets in... who did they call?) GASP!

Toddlers: SCREAMING!!! (interpretation: why did you ruin our fun? we were talking to Bibi)

Then, as stated above, I found out it was my mom they called, thank goodness. I told them to say goodbye, luckily they obliged. Therefore, I got up before my alarm clock, because of that wonderful "wake up call


mamabecky said...

I still love the story and laugh to myself. Aren't twins great!!!

Melanie said...

they wanted to talk to grandma bibi! how cute. I know as a mama that isn't very cute when you're half asleep. I'm not a morning person either ha ha

Babu said...

I hope they call me next, even if I am n Africa.

The-Ends-Of-The-Earth said...

I hope they call me next, even if I am n Africa.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Aw!! LOL!! That is so funny, and cute too. But I'd have done the same as you. It's so hard being a mommy to little ones when mommy is NOT a morning person! Logan is old enough to stay quiet and read, Brooke is working on it, but Erik is hopeless. Maybe someday... =)