Friday, November 6, 2009

What are they thinking??

This is the best interpretation I can come up with…

MCWB00773_0000[1]  dipping our  toothbrushes into the fish tank then putting it in our mouths makes mommy freak out

 MCWB00773_0000[1]  12 dirty diapers can fit into the toilet, before it overflows. Once the diapers swell with water, we can take the diapers out and throw them on the floor, then we can get the clean diapers and stick those in the toilet.

MCWB00773_0000[1]  When mommy asks “where did that come from?” point to my bottom, it always gets a laugh! (Alexis)

MCWB00773_0000[1]  Jeremiah: Hey Sissy, while I am in time out for turning on the bathtub water, you can sneak into daddy’s closet and play with his keys and get us some of his mints!

Alexis: Yeah, and then when I get into time out, you can turn the water back on!

Jeremiah: Great idea, we can do that over and over and over, until Mommy locks us in our room! Oh and don’t forget to sneak some of the mints into your diaper, so we can snack on them while mommy gets ready!

MCWB00773_0000[1]  If we stand on our chairs, we can unlock the back door!

MCWB00773_0000[1]  6am is a great time to wake up!

MCWB00773_0000[1]  I think I will climb up on the stool, then on to the counter and stuff as many candy corn into my mouth before mom notices. Then when she’s not looking, I’ll do it again. Once she moves the candy, I will just go into the pantry and help my self to the graham crackers. (Jeremiah)

MCWB00773_0000[1]  Mom keeps telling me she doesn’t understand, gee, I know the word, what is it? I need the word, it’s there, on the tip of my tongue…. “CANDY!” yummy, glad I remembered that word.

MCWB00773_0000[1]  Jeremiah: Do you need me to protect you sissy?

Alexis: no, get a way and go back to your bed.

Jeremiah: Okay, but once you fall asleep, I’m going to crawl back into your bed with you and sleep with you.

Alexis: fine, I will cuddle with you for awhile, but if you hog the bed, I will just go sleep in yours.

MCWB00773_0000[1]We love daddy, and he’s so much fun, but we really want mommy here, so, when mommy leaves let’s just do everything the same way we are with mommy, like throw our food, sneak out the doggy door, hide things in our diapers, pull the poop out of our diapers, cut the dog’s tail. Then daddy will tell mommy “I’m ready to go back to work!” It’s so funny, he says that every weekend!

This is for you honey:

New Words: “Where are you?”, car, candy, shower, magnum, chevy, Zach, Bibi, bed, love you, seat, boom, ouch


The Jacobsen Family! said...

Isn't it fun!?!? =)

eastonsmom said...

Your kids have been busy :) Easton really liked the lonestar video he kept saying more more baby.

Melanie said...

that's a funny video! your children are giving you a run for their money. I liked the commentary ha ha

mamabecky said...

I know now why it is so fun to be the grandparent. The stories are way too funny, and I don't have the mess to clean up. It is amazing how they work together to plot against you. Sorry if I am smiling.

Anonymous said...
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