Sunday, April 5, 2009

Watching you Like a Hawk

I have heard and used this saying before, but until today I did not fully understand it. This afternoon, Justin noticed a mess of feathers on our back porch when he went to investigate he found a hawk munching on a pigeon next to our back door. After his Sunday lunch buffet, Justin attempted to scare the hawk away. He wouldn’t leave. Our dog tried to scare him away, he wouldn’t leave. The dumb bird just stood his ground and fought back. So anyway, about the saying…. Since I had an opportunity to get close to a hawk, I took a ton of pictures. That bird would not take his eyes off of me. I was shocked on how intently he was watching me.eye on you 2

backoff it's minefeathers goingforaridewhatisthis hangon watchout young hawkWe called AZ game and fish… they  said it sounded like we have a young hawk on our hands and it hasn’t learned to fly yet. Therefore we will probably have this house guest in our yard for the next week or so. We should just let the mommy and daddy hawk provide for the baby until he learns to take care of himself.

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Melanie said...

those are some cool pics. It's crazy that you got to get that close to it, even if you did have zoom on the pic.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

WOW! Crazy cool! =)
Is he still there?