Friday, April 3, 2009

Science Center

I was going to make this my first Fitness Friday, but I think I would need to actually exercise if I was going to blog about it… oops I guess I still don’t get it, because, umm… well I am blogging about it and am not about to get on that wii board and do any exercises!!


So, today I took the kids to the AZ Science Center for the 2nd time in one week. Today we saw a show in the planetarium called “starry skies” to my surprise the kidos loved it!! I put both babies down in a movie style chair and let them look up at the sky. Jeremiah was constantly going “oooh oooooh” He purses his lips way out and arches his head back… this he does only on occasion… when he is really amused! Alexis would point at everything she liked and would laugh, smile, and of course do her high pitch squeal. It was adorable watching them. I am so happy to be a stay at home mommy…. whatever that means, since I don’t remember a day I actually stayed at home. Hmmm, help me think of a new name for that… we SAHM need to come up with something super clever!!P3280011P3280001P3280014 P4020060 P4020059 If you look close in the 2nd picture, JB has the toy asparagus, He found it again today and had to play with it! Crazy kid!

Return Home

After the science center, I had to stop at Target to find a frame for my niece’s 2 year old picture. I also picked up some cheerios for the kids, and a small container for them to start munching on. They were so cute sitting in the one seater cart basket and ravenously grabbing and devouring the cheerios. The funniest part was JB trying to eat them out of sister’s hands. Oh, one more thing… before the cheerios, JB kept petting Lexi’s head, then hugging and kissing her. Once he would do that, Lexi would lean back and start laughing. I have just enjoyed my day with them so much… they make me so happy!!

Today’s Random Picture

(actually a video)

The kids were laughing so hard as daddy was sliding them around on the floor. But of course they didn’t when In decided to video of them.


Melanie said...

sounds like a fun day with the babes! I can't see the vid

eastonsmom said...

looks like fun!