Wednesday, May 12, 2010

“Don’t Lick Daddy’s Truck”

Lately, I have been saying very odd things… such as the title of this post. Even funnier, is that I have one or more little voices repeating what I say.

Last night, we went to dinner. Alexis had to go potty so we headed to the restroom. As we left the table, I said “lets hurry, so daddy doesn’t eat all of mommy’s beans” I didn’t think much more about it. As we were in the stall, Alexis looked at me and said something I didn’t understand, I asked her to clarify and this is what she said “ a hurry mommy daddy no eat mommy beans” I laughed. She continued to repeat the phrase until long after we sat back down. (In case you were wondering…Justin did eat a lot of my beans, but not all, so it’s a good thing we hurried)

Today, Jeremiah was running around playing and then decided to start licking Justin's truck. I told him not too and then for about 15 minutes all Alexis would say is “a sissy no daddy truck a lick” 

“Mommy a sucken?” – The kids have been asking  for the bag of suckers that have been sitting on the counter for about 3 weeks. The bag of dum-dums are there as a reward for when Jeremiah  goes potty on the toilet. Both kids knew we would not open that bag until the task was complete. Everyday I hear from JB “mommy a sucken?” or from Alexis “no sucken, sissy potty a tooooy-let.”

On that note, I will tell you about today. I had to run up to the store for just one item. When I got back, I saw Justin waving a “sucken” in the air, indicating JB finally went potty in the toilet. YES! He did it. After 6months of coaxing and the last 3 days of naked training he finally did it! Now, let’s do it again!

Another funny word is “ a sucken pop” which is a popsicle!

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Melanie said...

ha ha a sucken pop! lol. Kaia calls them "a poppasicle" Kaia repeats some very silly things to and since Sunday she's been saying "yessiree" since my Mother in law said it ha ha