Monday, May 24, 2010

Our story…sort of

Once upon a time, in the land called The Sonoran Desert a little girl name Holly was born.

  baby holly and new parents 001 holly 2yrs 001

A year later, a little boy in the same land was born. His name was Justin.

mom and justin  jim and justin 3weeks old 001justin in wagon 001

Justin’s parents were friends with Holly’s parents. And Holly lived on the same street as Justin’s Uncle.  However, when Justin was less then a year old his family moved  to a new land, very different and very far away.

In the year 1997 Justin came back to The Sonoran Desert to visit his sister, who had moved back a couple years prior. At this time, they “met” each other for the first time.   Apparently Justin “liked” Holly, but Holly thought of him as “her friends little brother” mel and justin 4-96 001or even worse “her little brother’s friend”

 tony justin aadam 001

So a few years went by, and some maturing for both Holly and Justin…

goofy justin 001goofy Holly 

Then, in March 2001 Justin decided to make the Sonoran Desert his new home. Justin and Holly quickly became friends and soon after fell in love.

j&hengagmentsitting in a tree - kissingengagment

May 25, 2002 Two hearts became one… when Justin and Holly were married. wedding dayDuring the next 8 years the couple took many trips, bought a house of their own, remodeled and added on to that house, acquired two puppies, had 8 different house guests, lost parents, gained new family, started  new jobs, went through 12 different vehicles (good grief on that one), they had ups and downs like any couple will, but it only cemented their relationship.

new house 001 

 123456-R1-06-9A_007 uncle and kaia 5 years

In 2008 – the couple were blessed with a two little miracles. Alexis and Jeremiah have been such a wonderful and precious addition to the family.j,h,a,j

Now, in 2010 we look back in fond memories and look forward with hope and excitement for our future together.

(This song was sung at our wedding)

Our NEW song:

Here are some love songs for your viewing pleasure…


Melanie said...

Happy Anniversary you guys. 8 years flew by! Hope your next 8 years are just as big of an adventure.

eastonsmom said...

Aww...happy 8th anniversary.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Still seems like yesterday! Happy Anniversary!

mamabecky said...

Happy Day!!! You are a great couple and I am so proud of you both. You put God first and His blessings follow. Have Fun today and take time to remember those things that brought you together for a "Happy Ever After"

mamabecky said...

P.S. Love the Maturing Photos