Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Children’s Museum of Phoenix

The Noodle Forest…P5170011P5170015P5170014

Rock Art…P5170019P5170020   Music…P5170026P5170029P5170027


There was a really cool car, that JB wanted to get in, but some punk little boy pushed him over to get back in it, so JB couldn’t. THen his mom just encouraged him. We waited for quite awhile, before giving up.

Daddy and his kidos…P5170043

This saguaro cactus would shoot tarantulas across the room, one hit Justin on the head.P5170042

Awww… it’s us… think this is our 8th anniversary picture. Ha, ha, nice hair, Holly.P5170056

Toddler Area…P5170049P5170050

He saw “bats” in this cave…P5170047P5170057P5170065P5170062P5170060


I thought this was cool. All around the museum was artwork made from random materials.P5170094P5170102

These were C.D.’s kids colored on, that were hung in the light. Made it very pretty.


The “car wash”…P5180112P5180114P5180111  We had a great family day today!


Melanie said...

looks like tons of fun. I need to get over there someday soon

eastonsmom said...

Looks like the kids had a blast!

Codeman said...

Looks like fun.

mamabecky said...

The activities look awesome, I can imagine how much fun you all had. I can even remember "way back when..." I loved the pretend grocery shopping, with pretend money. Now - Not so much!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

So it was worth it then? =) I always wonder with museums... Seems they're so expensive anymore!
Does look like fun tho!

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