Monday, May 10, 2010

Fake Owls

Today, I am thankful for fake owls! When we first moved into this house I was so thankful the pigeons chose my neighbors house to perch on, instead of mine. A few years ago, something changed. The nasty rats with wings decided to make my roof the local hangout. This caused our dogs to go crazy, bird poop everywhere, our pond was just disgusting. It was terrible. Our luck changed a few months ago. I noticed the pigeons were gone and very few if any showed up in our yard, I then noticed a fake owl hanging from my neighbors ac unit. WHOO HOO… a fake owl really did the trick. Sure, I would rather be looking out my back window at an ocean or snow capped mountain, but today a fake owl makes me happy!


My nephew gave me a bouquet of flowers for mother’s day too, and so I put them together and am just loving it!

IMG_4960 IMG_4963


Melanie said...

they look very pretty together

Manon said...

I like your floral combo. :)

Ah yes, fake owls. They're really silly looking. BUT . . . if they do the job, then I say they're beautiful! I can't stand pigeons. My mother used to say, "Ugg, they carry diseases!" I think she couldn't stand the mess they left. But it did forever prejudice me against pigeons. Owl Power - bring it on.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Yay for owls! =)
Love the flowers. Very nice. =)