Monday, February 9, 2009

Long time, no post..

It has been a long time since I posted anything. Life has been crazy the past couple of weeks. Jeremiah had a surgery last Tuesday and since then we have been dealing with major issues. We were thinking he was in pain, but it seems more like he is having extreme anxiety issues. Justin and I are exausted. He waskes up at night and screams and screams. I have been up 1-3 hours every night with him. Then during the day, he will not let me leave his sight. The moment I start to walk away (or it even looks like I might) he starts screaming and following me. This morning Justin was looking out the window and Jeremiah went bilistic because he wasn't getting attention. I was sitting in his room on the floor with him in my lap, playing with a ball. He dropped the ball and would not leave my lap to get it. He reached and stretched as far as possible, even attmepted to leave my lap, but would not do it. I tell you all this, maily to vent, so I don't go insane, but I am also up to ANY suggestions or ideas you may have. This has seemed like an issue for a couple of months, but this past week is almost impossible. I have pretty much been prisoned in my house and in their room. I can't even put him in his stroller without constant screaming, because he can't see me. I can almost tune him out, which I have to do sometimes at home. But when you are out in public, people get annoyed real quick with a cranky baby.
On a lighter note.... Jeremiah got stuck under his highchair, and we got some funny pictures. ( he was screaming, until mommy came and started talking to him, then he thought it was fun)


Anonymous said...

Holly these pictures of JB under his highchair are adorable. Soooo cute, hard to believe he is cranky. He has been through a lot in his young years, luckily he should soon forget it all. - Nanu Becky

Melanie said...

Kaia was looking at "meeya" and said "meeya ty(cry)" apparently she is used to it too haha. I hope it gets better with time.

"mah" Aunty

eastonsmom said...

Unfortunately I don't have any advice for you, but I do hope he's getting a little less stressed these days. I'm sure it's hard for him with all that's gone on lately. Now that the surgery is behind him he should hopefully be perking up soon. Most kids go through that I WANT MY MOMMMY ALL THE TIME phase and it thankfully passes. Then of course mom wants it back when they start to become more independent :)