Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting Less, Paying More

I am really getting tired of EVERYTHING going up in price, and yet I get less than before. When I say everything, I mean everything...diapers, food, gas, everything. I am watching the news and now airplanes are charging to use the bathroom! There was also a segment on "do it yourself" to save money. Well, what happens if you already do it yourself... no place to go. We have cut all of our outgoing bills we possibly can: cable, gym, home phone. We are trying to save money as much as possible in this "economic crisis." Okay enough venting!

I do have plenty of smiles though... here is a video of Alexis last night. She was so cute. She was reading her book to mommy. (the video is sort of long, but watch atleast the 1st 2 minutes! The video is dark but I tried to capture her cuteness before she stopped. Make sure you turn up the volume so you can hear her "read")

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Melanie said...

I'm pretty sure all of us are feeling the squeeze! ugh. Lexi reading the book was too sweet! She was flipping those pages so well haha