Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Life is what you pray for, Love is what you stay for"

"When I hear you crying at night
Like the world is on your shoulders
I'll hold you tight
Cause I know a secret or two
And the least I can do is share it with you
Oh, life is what you pray for
Love is what you stay for
And I know it's pretty funny how simple it can be
But you didn't hear that from me"*

When I heard this song the other day it reminded me of all the things I have been thinking about lately...

My Blessings: I have been blessed with such an incredible life. My childhood was simple and worry free. I had a Mother and Father... the design being perfect. I grew up in the same house, with my own room and all the wants and needs I could ask for. I was able to go to school and participate in different programs learning new skills. I had friends all throughout, some still with me today. Now, as a wife and mother, I see so many things I learned as a child and young adult, helping me in my household today. I have a wonderful husband who provides all those same material things from when I was young. Not only that, but he is my friend... another perfect design. I could not imagine being married to someone, I could not call my friend. He and I compliment each other tremendously. As with any marriage, there are things that arise when you don't see eye to eye. Yet, we have the ability and the will to rise above those differences and stay united, working together as ONE. We have built a beautiful life together, and through our love we now how two new blessings: Our children. Our babies are almost one year old. This past year, has been amazing. So many moments have brought joy to my life. Little moments bring the most. When I walk into the room, the smiles on thier faces, just lifts my heart and melts any burdens I may be carrying. Hearing them laugh and play with each other, is like the theme music to a musical... the harmony in my life. My heart rejoices when I see Uncle Tony, Aunty Melanie & Uncle Brandon reach their arms out in love to hold my precious babies or to offer comfort. So grateful, my children get to see them often and know them. I also am thrilled at my chance to not only have my own children, but to be a part of my niece and nephews lives. Those children also hold a special place in my heart, and I would do anything for them. I love then and pray for them always. I wish the only best for their lives. I am happy to have a closeness with them and share my life with their wonderful and lively spirits. My heart rejoices when my children's Grandparents act like grandparents and spoil them with love and even gifts. (it's not actually spoiling when its from Grandparents). My children are so blessed to be able to live close to some of their grandparents, and when I see the older generation and the younger generation together... I see love has no limits, not age, wisdom, or beauty. Love is pure and simple. I have love... I am so truly blessed!

I've been thinking about "time" lately. How much time do I use & waste. I did a little math, to get a better picture of a few things, take a look:
If the average person lives for 75 years that would give him 657,000 HOURS of life. But that person has to sleep so we need to subtract that. (15hrs of sleep a day for the first 8 years, and 8hrs of sleep for the last 67 *should average out OK) That would be 239440 HOURS of sleep. The average person will also need to work from about 16years old until they can retire. So calculating 40 hrs a week, means approx. 101920HOURS of work. After all the math it gives us 315,640 HOURS of OUR time. What do I do with it?? Sure seems like a lot of time, when you look at it in hours, but what do I actually do with it. How many hours a day, a week, a year do we waste and yet, it's our last hour of life we worry about? On that final day, in that final hour, will I be looking back wondering if my life was meaningful. Will I be wondering if I lived, laughed, loved enough? I hope not. I hope in my final hour, I won't just be at peace but be overwhelmed with love & satisfaction. Knowing, I lived for those I loved. I worked for those who love me. And I dedicated my life to the service of my fellow being and my Heavenly Father.


Kim said...

Love this picture of Justin and the babies!

Melanie said...

blog looks good! It is really a blessing that we have a tie that binds in so many ways. I'm thankful that our children get to see that and be part of it!