Sunday, February 22, 2009

another week has gone by...

Another week has gone by, without me posting anything. Part of me wants to just forget about he whole blogging world, but another part is just itching to get on and write about everything that has happened in our super hectic life.

Jeremiah has had a rough time after his surgery. Everyone that has said "babies don't remember it" is wrong!! My 11month old baby was traumatized by the event. Yes, he won't remember anything about this when he is 15 years old. But Mommy and Daddy will never forget the insanity it brought to our lives. Since the last few months have been so rough and getting worse each day. Daddy decided to take some time off of work and stay home to help me and Jeremiah. I am happy to report, IT TOTALLY HELPED!! We really worked with Jeremiah, helping him deal with me leaving his sight. It was hard on me, I would walk out of the room and he would immediately start screaming, would walk back in and he would be quiet. (This would happen while he was in his highchair, sitting next to his sister and father). We felt so hopeless, that I even called a "fussy baby" help line. However, we have fixed the problem on our own (with the help of God, lots of prayers!!) Anyway, Jeremiah is doing so much better, he is acting like the happy little fellow he once was. I am sure the past few months were bad because he was in pain from his hernia, and then the last couple of weeks were bad because of the traumatic experience of he hospital and surgery.

Alexis however, has developed a rash covering her entire body, that won't seem to go away. We have tried changing laundry detergents, baby oil, auquaphor, paid attention to food; allergies, etc... Now she has started running a fever and seems to not feel very good. I talked to the doctor today and they said as long as her fever brakes with Tylenol and the rash doesn't itch, there is not a lot we can do, and it will probably go away on it's own. We just have to keep an eye on it. So we'll see.
We are at it again....
Since Justin took some time off from work, he decided that we have lived too long without construction. So he decided to knock out our pantry wall and extend it into the laundry room. Changing the laundry room into an organized and fancy storage room, and moving the washer and dryer into the old storage room. (meaning we will soon be remodeling the "new" laundry room) I do like my new pantry and storage room though!!
As I was trying to clean my house the other day, with out much success;mind you. I started thinking about how God works in our lives so in depth that we will not even see most of it. I started thinking about this because I realized how the Lord was preparing me all these years… Justin got in his head that the pantry was no longer user friendly so he knocked down the wall and started to rebuild it. Does that sound like any one you know? Sounds a lot like my father. Anyway, I laugh because I have lived in remodeling mode for so many years!

As I watched Jeremiah crawl with a red balloon, to watch his dad work, I remember the first time, when my dad was remodeling the garage. I was about 3 or 4 years old. And I had a balloon. He told me to not bring it in there or I would pop it. Well, I was stubborn and told him I wouldn't pop it. I remember standing still for about 2 or 3 minutes watching him, clinging to my balloon, to prove to him that it wouldn’t pop. Then I ran to my room, put it away, then came back to watch him work.

There are a ton of other memories I have of remodeling. I remember painting the outside of our house, going to Home Depot with my dad, I just loved that time we spent together. I also remember getting on the roof to help him with a chalk line. I remember him telling mom, that he wanted me to help because I listened the best. Don’t know how true that was, but it made me feel good. Anyway, all those experiences has helped me in my own house and all of our remodeling. The thousands of trips to Home Depot. Helping Justin with numerous things and living with everything torn up for a while. I bet if I wasn’t so prepared for this life it would be hard. Justin is so much like my dad, its crazy!! He is stubborn in the fact he won’t pay people to do something he can do (not a bad trait!!), if he doesn’t know how to do something, he’ll figure it out, and I am sure there are other similarities that I can’t think of right now.

I am thrilled that my daughter will have a daddy like my daddy. I know I was truly blessed!

Growing so big...
The kids are growing so much! The other day, I got a video of Alexis crawling then told her to say "bye bye" she said "bu bu" I told her that was a good job, but figured it was just a coincidence. However, the next day (last Sunday) she heard daddy telling brother that we were going to go bye bye and go to church. She immediately looked at me and said "ahh, da dad, bu bu" As I am sure you speculate, I was thrilled! Then, Wednesday night she was telling everyone "bu bu" and waving!

Jeremiah makes lots of noises but no words yet. However, he is so close to walking it's not even funny. He will stand up in the middle of the room, on his own. Just stand there, playing with something, then slowly lowers himself back down then back up. I see him contemplating each time, about taking a step. He will be one year old next month and I am sure, he will be walking before then!

Funny moment...
Yesterday, I fed the kids a big lunch. When I looked over at them I noticed the only thing left on Jeremiah's tray was his cucumbers. He was still eating them so I just chuckled and carried on. Moments later, I watched as he started putting them on sister's tray and took her cheese.

P.S. my fellow bloggers who wrote about a lovely Valentines... I envy you! My husband talks the talk and walks the walk.... no valentines for me:( oh well!

Mommy and Lexi (in dresses from Africa)


Melanie said...

ha ha. that last part had me laughing. I love how he "trades" her for somehting he wants. too cute! Can't wait to see the new storage stuff

eastonsmom said...

Cute pictures of the kids in their high chairs!

Becky and J.J. said...

They are getting so big! And they are both so cute!