Friday, August 10, 2012

Until We Meet Again…


Here are some of my favorite memories, with people I really miss.


Uncle Mike, thanks for spending the day teaching me how to ski! Oh and how to start my 1987 Chevy Blazer with my dipstick… that was a cool trick to show the boys!PICT0014


A week before my great grandfather died (at 99.75 years old) I went with my orchestra class to play Christmas music to him and the nursing home he was in. Afterwards, I went up to him to give him a hug, and he said “It was sure nice of you to come play for your ugly old great grandfather” This was his personality! But the best part… it was the last time I saw him, and he knew who I was, even with his failing memory.

Don & Ruth Willard


Of course this picture is one of my favorite memories of my Uncle Bill, because it has another two of my favorite people in it! However, a memory I would like to share is one with him and my cousin Daniel. On my 18th birthday, my cousin decided to make me a gift. It was a picture printed on copper sheeting, made with the tools from my Uncle’s circuit board shop. On the day of my birthday, I drove by my uncle’s house and saw him and my cousin sitting in the garage working hard on something. Later that evening, I saw my gift and was told that they spent all day working on it and the frame. My heart was touched, because two people whom I loved, loved me!



Donna and Joe, My favorite memory of Joe is when we went to a  Willard Family Reunion. During which all the kids got to sit together. All the kids and Joe and Donna – not sure how that worked out – anyway, toward the end of our meal, Joe offered (or bribed) us all a whole dollar if we would finish our food. We did!

Donna, I guess would be when I saw her most creative invention: A paperclip cord that hooked her phone to her belt loop.

Joe & Donna Moser (2)


No great memories – but I still miss my doggies!

holly and puppy solo100_1031


I loved spending my summers with Gary and Geri at their house in Missouri, they were MY summer grandparents. I think a neat memory was when we were visiting them in California, and Gary came home from work with a video for us to watch. It was the very first Pixar short film. Not yet released, and it was AMAZING… remember when Toy story came out? Well this was many years before that – so you can imagine the shock.

1990-Gary & Geri Adams in California


A special memory of my Mother in Law, Laurie is actually a story I remember her telling, about her son and how proud she was of him. A young Justin, about the age of 3 using all his birthday money to order pizza for the family. I can still hear her say “He marched his little self up to the counter and said, I want to get a pizza” She was proud of her son for his giving heart. The neat part is that her granddaughter, Alexis at the same age wanted to buy pizza for her family with her birthday money! I am grateful, she was willing to tell me stories, so that I can keep her memories alive and give that gift to my children.

mom and justin


You got to love that great big smile… no really, I have to love it, because it was passed down to my son as well. Every time Jeremiah flashes that smile, I say, “Hi Jim Bartlett, it’s nice to see you again”

My favorite memory would be on my wedding day. Right before I walked out, Jim was there and said “Can I give you a hug, sweetie?” As we hugged, he said “I am glad I got to see you before sonny did because you are so beautiful today”

 Father and son


My favorite memory of my great grandma is when I was about 15 and she taught me to make cinnamon rolls. Those cinnamon rolls were the McIndoo staple for parties as I was growing up. I felt honored to have a chance to make them with her. I really also hold dear to my heart that she was able to be at my wedding.

My great grandfather, died when I was young, but I do remember on several occasions going into his shop and being allowed to pick out three rocks to keep. I still have some of those rocks sitting on my desk today!

holly and tony with great granparents (hinkle)


I am shocked that I actually have a picture of my favorite memory of Evelyna. For her 90th birthday I played on my keyboard “This is the Day that the Lord hath made” (My first performance) She said it was beautiful… I believed her because she was so old, she knew!

1989-Holly McIndoo, Ken Oar, Evalina Sills


This picture is of My great Grandma Louise and Evelyna. I need to scan a better picture of my great grandma. I think my favorite memory of her is…. this is a hard one, I have a lot…. I guess it would be when I spent a few days making fabrosie eggs with her. I think the best part, was not the skill but the time I got to spend with her and the opportunity I got to learn from my family.

1989-Ester Cavinesss,FrancisYates,LouiseMcIndoo,EvalinaSills,MeredythMalone,DonnaMoser,DonWillard


I loved the time we had together, and I look forward to the day we meet again, at Jesus feet!


Melanie said...

That made me tear up a little. I loved my parents of course but, also loved Grandma Louise. She was a really lovely woman. I vaguely remember Evalena as well.

mamabecky said...

Holly, this is a beautiful testament of how so many people touch our lives in everyday life to make a special memory last a lifetime. Thanks for sharing