Friday, August 31, 2012

Parental epiphany on patience!

"Be patient! That means, if you ask for something. Be quiet and wait for it. Don't keep asking, whining, and crying about it. Most of the time, I have already started to answer your request, but you don't stop begging, long enough to realize it. I can't do things instantly all the time. You need to learn to be quiet and wait!"

I think sometimes we need to hear things as a child would. We need simple language. I have been pretty whinny with God lately, and it was almost as I was smacked in the face with this epiphany as I scolded my daughter about patience.

So, yeah.... Patience... It is a tough virtue, BUT once we recognize that we might be failing at it, it's easier to stop kicking and screaming, pick our selves up off the floor and brush ourselves off. Fold our hands and wait for the granting of our request.

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