Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The cuteness of today…

Today was filled with random acts of cuteness.

Around 7am this morning I hear the kids arguing (not the cute part) and I hear Jeremiah say to Alexis “You are not my boss. You were in mommy’s tummy just like me!”

Later, my kids went shopping and purchased their very first item with money they SAVED by doing WORK! They are now proud owners of a Captain America shield and real high heels! They worked very hard for this money. A cute moment a couple weeks ago was when we were in the Dollar Store and Jeremiah saw something he wanted. I told him he could spend is money on it, if he wanted it. But then explained how it would take away from the money he was saving to work for his shield. He thought about it for a minute and with a smile and slight chuckle said “Oh, I was just kidding, I just wanted to show this to you. I am going to go put it back now.”


This evening, I listened to Joshua crying and complaining in my bedroom with daddy. So I went in there to see what the problem was. He was just crabby from no nap today. Justin and I then started talking and little dude walked out while complaining. About ten minutes later he came back in, with a baby bottle in one hand and a half gallon of milk in the other hand. (which he got from the play kitchen in the family room) He walked up to me, opened my hand and put the milk in, then opened the other hand and placed the bottle in. I laughed and asked him if he wanted milk. He then of course very confused, cried as I walked away into the real kitchen to get the real milk and his big boy cup.

These pictures are courtesy of Jeremiah:



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