Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Very Strange! Yes,Very Strange, Indeed!

Jeremiah: “Mommy, I tried to get it but I can’t”

Mommy: “You tired to get what?”

Jeremiah: “my shoe”

Mommy: “where is it?”

Jeremiah: “Uhhh, it’s in the fan. AND I don’t know how it got there.”


Strange place for a shoe… yes, but these are pretty strange kids, just see for yourself…





Melanie said...

I'm sure he doesn't know how it got there! ha ha.

Megan said...

Reminds me of me & my bro :) We have pics being silly like these too!

mamabecky said...

I love the innocence of the comment "I don't know how it got there..." Way too cute and their funny faces are adorable!!!

CharityElaine said...

haha! :) thanks for a good laugh!