Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pity Party

I feel like throwing myself a pity party today. My baby is 11months old today. This means I only have one month until my last baby has his first birthday! So many "firsts" have already happened. No more first tooth, no more first word, no more first laugh... Sniff sniff.

I know there are still so many firsts to come, with all three of my children. But it is a very bitter-sweet realization.

Time passes and there is nothing this mommy can do. Some day soon, I will just be "mom." I won't have room on my lap to fit all three kids, I won't be able to carry my little ones to their rooms at bedtime, they will be embarrassed of my hugs and kisses, child laughter will no longer echo through my house, 4am I will sleep through instead of being woken up from little arms cuddling up to me.

Yes... I have tears rolling down my face.

I look forward to our future but I will miss so much of this wonderful time I have with "my babies." Years of infertility, brought so much sadness... I am so grateful for these precious gifts I have received!! I need to remember that the nuisances of today.... Will be missed someday.

So, mommies... take everyday as it comes and hold on tight to the gift we are given! We have not only been given a great responsibility but an even greater opportunity to watch our children grow!


CharityElaine said...

AMEN! But it makes me want to have little people forever and ever and ever. :S

mamabecky said...

I feel your pain. I love every stage of my own children, and your children. But it is bitter-sweet!!!