Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I figured, I should post the words my 11month old tries to say these days. I need to post, since this seems to be the only place I can keep record of such things... I hope the Internet doesn't fade out anytime soon! Sounds like a funny statement, but when I was my child's age we had no idea what a floppy disk or a cd player was! Now... Those items my kids have no clue about...

Anyway.... Onto my subject... Words, Joshua tries to say:

"nana" means banana or any food
"up" means cup or drink
"dug" means duck
"da" means dog
"nigh" means nigh-night
"eye" means hi
And of course we have "mama"and "dada"

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mamabecky said...

So I'm guessing we need to work on the words Babu and Bibi and he'll be all set. What a cutie pie!