Sunday, March 8, 2009


Update on Jeremiah's biting... he bites to show approval and disapproval! I've noticed that kissing has turned to biting. So at times he tries to chomp on his sister because he loves her! So during those times we use the words "gentle" to correct him, but when he gets frustrated and bites out of anger, we use a different approach!

Alexis has always had issues with not being able to keep liquids down. So Wednesday, when she threw up after her milk cup, I didn't think much of it. Thursday morning, when I got her out of bed she had a little more spit up on her clothes, so I changed her and went on with the day. When nap time rolled around, I noticed under all of her blankets she must have thrown up several times through out the night (no wonder the room was stinky!). I changed her sheets and put her down for a nap. Just a few minutes later, my sister-in-law and niece came over. The dog barked and woke up the kids. So I returned to their room and noticed now Alexis made another huge mess, that required me to change the sheets yet again. However, this mess came out the other end. Yuck! Friday, is here, and brother is not eating his breakfast and is super cranky. So daddy takes him, and sure enough... JB started tossing his cookies too. Daddy got it right in the mouth, down his shirt, pants, & shoes!! Friday afternoon, Mommy started in on the fun. And at 2 am, daddy joined by sitting on the toilet with a bucket in his lap! We did not feel good! All day Saturday, was the same. Luckily the kids could keep down some baby formula, so that's all they got for the day. But Justin and I were even having a tough time with water. By the evening I had some rice then some peaches. But by 10pm, those were expelled from my system as well. Today, is Sunday! We all had oatmeal for breakfast. So far, it's still with us. Our tummies are turning but no emergency runs to the bathroom.. so wish us luck! *** We would like to make a formal apology at this time.... We are sorry to Aunt Melanie, Cousin Kaia, and Nanu, who we shared our sickness with***

OK, so the kids have been just admiring the doggy door since they discovered it a couple months ago. Last week I got a video of them. Almost everyday, they watch the dog go out, then they crawl over and stick themselves 1/2 way out. Generally, it's Jeremiah! He is a boy, always into things and exploring. Sister will follow him around and get excited about the things he finds.

A few days after this video, As I was sitting at the desk (next to the dog door) I heard a distant cry from Jeremiah. I knew what happened... yep, he finally made it out the dog door. However, he was not happy about it at all. I went to open the door to let him in, but decided to take a few pictures first. (He hasn't been out since then)

(he wasn't out there for long at all, but look how pitiful he looks... like I left him to fend for himself)

Here is a funny-izm for Alexis....


Melanie said...

those pics crack me up of him outside. He looks so ticked!

JuliaCotten said...

Sounds like a its been a busy and unpleasant week for you. Upset stomach's in the crib is no fun to clean up. Sorry its been so long since I've commented, the twins have been sick for two weeks and this past week they are finally getting better. I try took look at everyone's, but lately I have been lazy to leave a comment. I hope the sickness wont last much longer for you guys. Good Luck!

eastonsmom said...

Sick is no fun!! But those pictures of Jeremiah outside looking in are sooo funny! Hopefully everyone is well soon and back to the normal everyday chaos :)

The Jacobsen Family! said...

It wasn't just you guys who got it! Started with Brooke on Thursday, Logan had it Friday, Erik on Sunday, me Sunday night and Gary yesterday! Fun stuff! Easton and my grandpa (visiting from CA) had it yesterday too.

Anonymous said...

I watched JB try to go out the Doggie door, toooo funny!JB makes me think of "Dunzi". Swahili for "Investigator as well as busybody" Lexi just says "go on do it, I dare you!" I guess that would be a DOUBLE DOGGIE DARE. No appologies necessary for "the bug", I got to play with my wajukuu and I cannot complain about that - Nanu, Bibi, Becky