Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Monkey See

monkey see

Monkey Do

monkey do

Monkey Get in Trouble Too!

mokey get in trouble too

After I put the kids to bed this evening, I could hear high pitched squeals followed by laughter. Then again, Then again. What is going on in there??? It didn't sound like they were upset, so I ever so quietly tip toed through the hallway and peeked into the bedroom.

If you can guess what they were doing, I will give you a whole dollar that you can spend as you like!!!

They were playing peek-a-boo with their blankets: hence the squeal, then tossing their stuffed animals over into the neighboring crib: the laughter. I could not believe my eyes!!

"Excuse me... children... you should be sleeping" I announced as I was desperately trying to contain my laughter. As soon as they heard and saw me, they began bouncing and belly laughing.

I have to say... this is one of the moments that makes all the hard work of worth it!!


Melanie said...

awww they can finally fit into those! I remember those shirts. Great smiles!

eastonsmom said...

Cute shirts...and kids wearing them too!

The Jacobsen Family! said...