Wednesday, March 4, 2009


On Monday we did a family outing to Costco. When we leave, normally Alexis will grab the receipt and wave it around with giggles and grins. However on this trip, Jeremiah got a hold of the receipt first. Alexis did not like that so much, so she diligently tired to get it away from her brother. Jeremiah being strong willed and smart, put the receipt in his far hand and bent himself over the edge of the cart, so she could not reach. However, Alexis REALLY wanted that receipt so she started climbing on top of him to get it. Jeremiah got so frustrated with her, that he turned towards her and aggressively screamed "ahhhh" in her face. I was amazed of how he reacted, but still had to correct him and tell him to be nice.

Later that evening, a similar episode occurred. Jeremiah found an orange pen and began to wave it around and use it to bang on the table and make noise. (It wasn't hurting anything and keeping him entertained, so I just let him do it)Anyway, Alexis thought that looked like fun, so she began reaching for the pen. I told her "no" that brother was playing with it. But just as the receipt, she REALLY wanted it. And only being 11months old neither of them understand why they can't have it. Well as Alexis persistently tried to take the pen away from Jeremiah, Jeremiah began to get more and more upset. Finally he screamed then, chomped on her arm that was in front of his face. He bit her!! Can you believe it? I was shocked. I immediately grabbed Alexis because she was screaming and had bright red teeth marks in her arm. As I was holding her, I realized I needed to rep remand Jeremiah. I was dumbfounded about the scene that just played out in front of me. I had no idea he would do something like that.

Well, today... every time the little guy gets mad at his sister, he tries to bite her. I keep telling him "no" but I really don't know how to stop this behavior. I can't really say, he's too young to understand discipline, since he's not too young to know how to "show" his anger. Mommy and Daddy will have a lot of work in front of us with this boy.


Melanie said...

biting is so normal and happens when they get frustrated. We had one boy that was the room biter in the toddler care center. He couldn't talk and would get upset so he bit. Hope he gets over that one quick! Pics are super cute!

JuliaCotten said...

That is no fun, but it's just a phase. Hunter sometimes bits and he is more aggressive than Kylie as well. Kylie is always getting things taken away from Hunter or he sometimes bits. It's funny (not really)that we have the same thing going on together. I handle those situations just how you have handled them. Hang in! :) :) :)