Saturday, March 21, 2009


Ok, so we have been spring cleaning for about a month now. (had to take some time off when we were all sick) Last night Justin brought in about 6 huge boxes for me to go through. Alexis loves taking things out of boxes, so I got a lot of help in that area(ha!).  So needless to say, Our house was pretty much trashed last night.

Anyway, As I was in the kitchen cutting up fruit and vegetables to put in the dehydrator. I noticed things were a bit to quiet. So I looked over the counter and saw my little daughter stuffing her mouth full of GUM! Ahhhh! Once I started running over to her, she got anxious, turned away from me and quickly stuffed as many more pieces as she could before I could get to her. Luckily for me, the wrappers were still on the 7 pieces of gum she had in her mouth! Once I took the gum out of her mouth and the package away from her, the attitude came out. She started to cry… the silent type. You know that long pause when a child is really hurt, well, my child does it when she’s really mad. After the long drawn out, breathless, silent scream, the water works began. She started screaming and then threw her head down against the tile floor. I’m sure that hurt, but I was not about to console her with “oh poor baby.” This little attitude of hers is happing more and more when things don’t go her way. It’s actually pretty funny. Was going to get a picture of her to post, but like I said the house was so messy, I couldn’t find my camera.

(Update: The house looks great now!! Stayed up until 2am to finish it!)


Melanie said...

ha! Kaia does that when she knows I'm coming for it. She pushes the buttons or does whatever she is doing a ton more times before i take it.

Becky and J.J. said...

The attitudes only get worse. I think age 3 is worse than 2. Now I get Brycen saying he is not my friend and he doesn't like me. I just tell him I know I am not your friend because I am your mother, and I know you don't like me because I know you love me.