Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tea Party–Girls Only!

Last week after a LONG week of playing with boys, my daughter made a simple request. After I tucked her into bed, kissed her and said goodnight, she sweetly asked, “Mommy, can I have a girl tea party at my house? With NO BOYS!” I told her we could probably make that happen, and then she proceeded to make it known that boys were not allowed. “I want NO BOYS! Daddy can go to work, and Jeremiah can go…. uh I don’t know where Jeremiah can go, but he can’t be here. No boys! I just want girl time.”

A lot of the time, in this busy and hectic life, these type of requests get forgotten or put off for awhile. This time, I really wanted to grant her this wish. Short on time and money I decided to just invite the four and five year old girls we knew. Only 3 other girls showed up, but it was a wonderful afternoon.

Alexis helped with many of the preparations and chose the menu for the party.

Chicken salad and crackers, Melon, Apples and Carmel, Carrots and Ranch, Jellybean Tea, Pumpkin Pie Tea.


Desert Time: And things got a little serious…


After the girls went home and I was almost done cleaning up after the event. Alexis came up to me and said “Mommy, I really liked my tea party. I think my friends liked it too. And liked the food and all the flowers and the decorations and stuff too. Oh and the butterfly necklaces, I gave them.” It wasn’t a “thank you” but it was better. My little girl showed her gratitude, yes, but my heart was so happy because she wanted to host her own tea party in her own house and I am grateful, that I am her mommy and was able to give her this special moment.


**Alexis and I are planning our Spring Tea Party… For ALL our friends. Big Girls and little girls. We are excited!**


JessLFH @ Mind of Me said...

That looks so fun! Makes me tempted to plan a trip to AZ in the spring :)

Melanie said...

Kaia has enjoyed both of the tea parties this year. She loves being a girly girl and having fun with her friends and cousin! Thanks for the party, Lexi!