Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pudding Face

The Kids and I went over to our friends house to play and have lunch. I made a special treat for  all 6 of the kids. Some enjoyed it more than others. ONE child enjoyed it the most. He sat by himself at the picnic table and ate his treat. When finished, he walked in with bowl and spoon. Looked up at my friend with a huge smile and such pride that he finished his snack. In attempt to capture that smile on camera, she bribed with him with another bowl of pudding… When he saw the second bowl. He looked down at his empty bowl and spoon; set it down, with vigor, on the floor and gratefully accepted his second treat of the afternoon. I just love this little guy!


If you notice, his shirt is a little wet. That is NOT pudding, he didn’t waste any on his shirt!


On another note. We met our same friends at the park today and Jeremiah said “I love Max, Sam, and Drew. Even when we go to church I still love them. And even if they had a girl.”

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Melanie said...

I missed this...he's a character